Best plugins to add message bars in WordPress

3 Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

When you are running a website there is always a need when you want to inform something to your visitors. You may want to share a promotion sale running on your website, a maintenance message, a recent blog post, or just a simple welcome message. You can easily add ...

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Create shortcodes for code snippets in WordPress

How to Reuse Code Snippets Easily in WordPress

Do you have HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code snippets that you frequently use on your WordPress website? You may want to paste these code snippets inside posts and widgets. What if you want to change these code snippets in the future? You don’t want to edit each and every ...

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Create a simple RSS feed XML

How to Create a Simple RSS feed

An RSS feed is a simple way to make sure to subscribe to updates on your website. It is an XML file in a specific syntax. Most website and Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, or forum software like phpBB generate this RSS feed. You can locate this RSS ...

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How to Embed Google Maps on your Website

If you have a website, you might want to display/embed Google maps of your address or area. For example on your contacts page or find us page. In this article, let’s briefly see all the methods available to get the embed code for Google maps. Method 1 – From ...

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How to Display Announcements in a WordPress Blog

Do you want to share an announcement or message with your website visitors? WordPress does not provide any out-of-the-box solution to display announcements. You can however write a blog post and make it stick to the top. But there are even better ways to easily share announcements. You can ...

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Add floating flyout sidebar to WordPress

How to Add a Floating Flyout Sidebar in WordPress

Do you have a website without a sidebar or otherwise called a one-column theme? You may want to add widgets to your website but you prefer a one-column layout. The solution to this problem would be to create a floating Flyout sidebar and add widgets to it. There are multiple useful ...

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Create Shortcode for Google maps embed code in WordPress

How to Create Shortcode for Google Maps Embed Code

Do you want to display Google maps on your website? To display Google maps we need an embed code. Google maps provide multiple options to get this embed code. Learn more about the different ways to get this embed code. Now with this embed code, you can simply paste ...

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Alternatives to RSS feed aggregators for WordPress

Alternatives to RSS feed Aggregators in WordPress

Do you want to have a website and want to display interesting articles from the websites you like using RSS feeds?  There are two ways to get this done. One is Content aggregation and the other is using an RSS Reader to display the live RSS feed. What is ...

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best method to insert custom code in WordPress

Best methods to Insert Custom PHP code in WordPress?

Do you want to add custom PHP code to your WordPress website? When you read articles/guides related to WordPress, oftentimes you can see they suggest you add PHP code to tweak an existing feature of WordPress or add a new feature/option. Apart from articles, you may also need to ...

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