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Aakash ChakravarthyI’m Aakash Chakravarthy a 22 year old guy from India who loves web technologies and playing with it. I too developed some quality plugins for WordPress, jQuery with my own personal touch and ideas.

I currently spend my time developing my very own free WordPress plugins and blogging occasionally. I’m always fond of learning new web technologies, UX designs and developing web apps.

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This website was started just to showcase my funny old flash games, gadgets in the year 2008 and now it serves as a portfolio and site dedicated to web development tools and resources. It runs on the famous WordPress. phpBB forum is used as support and dicussion forum.

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  • Your website not working

  • Your website not working

  • Kvijayakumar

    please complete your work fast. we are waiting to sse it

  • Hi Aakash!Thanks for your “Share and enjoy.. Have it on my homepage//Carl

  • Web Hosting india

    not many WP developers in india Akash.. let me know if you ever need any support

  • Promotion

    its very good akash if u r spending your time in developing…it “ll be good for your furure.

  • Nandhini M

    Involved in online website promotions of paradox technologies website and clients websites like search engine submission, link building services, search engine marketing and bulk email promotions.

  • Manav

    Keep it up

  • Manav

    Keep it up

  • How can i make the headbanner smaller to a size of 100 px height?

  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘farbtastic’ of undefined

  • All the best, Akash.

  • Ben Farinas

    Hi Aakash,
    I’m trying to register in the forums, but it says my e mail is not allowed. Need help I downloaed WPSocializer , and I love , but when I go to add socializer to a widget like Google plus it won’t show the badge for some reason. I looked in the forums but there are no topics for Google+. my e mail: [email protected]

    Hope to hear from you, and thanks for the help!

  • Brilliant. Your efforts for making the web better are highly appreciable. Keep up the pace. All the best…

  • Nishit

    Great job Akash

  • Paolo Maria Luino

    great job
    greetings from Italy

  • Alpesh

    u r great i need ur help friend

    can u help me i need (drag item within scroll and drop on stage when complete a task one animation will appear something like “good job”) in flash as3
    thanks ……plz plz plz help me!!

  • Philip Barrington

    Hi Aakash. I have used Super RSS Reader for a while, and I am wanting to use it a bit more. It worries me a little that it has been more than 18 months since there has been an upgrade, and many of the support issues left on WordPress remain unanswered. Do you plan any upgrades to the plug in, of is it basically just where it is till it stops working? I do understand that people have to get real jobs as I am sure this has not made you a fortune. It would just be helpful from my point of view to know.

  • Christopher Riedel

    Hello Aakash, Wp Socializer is a great tool and it is pretty easy to use. Thank you for developing this WP Plugin. I was wondering where the Floating bar sets the anchor position. Is it beside the entry-content or somewhere else? Somehow it is not on top of my wordpress posts and I wanted it to be in line with my post headlines. Would be great if you could give me a short advice. Thank you. Chris