Aakash ChakravarthyHello,

My name is Aakash Chakravarthy. I’m an ordinary guy from India and I work as a Software Engineer. Apart from my daily work, I’m also a WordPress developer and I’m really passionate about WordPress development and thats my hobby.

I got introduced to WordPress 8 years ago when I was trying to trying to switch my static website and now I’m developing several solutions for WordPress through WordPress plugins for fun.

This website is all about my projects. You can find all the stuff I’ve worked since I got introduced to computers. You can find my WordPress plugins, jQuery plugins, CSS libraries and things which I’m embarrassed and sometimes proud of.

Being a self taught web developer, I’m always curious about the latest web technolgies and I try to keep my self updated on it. I occasionally post things I learn and tutorials on how to build stuff on the web in this website.

You can contact me here. If you use any of my WordPress plugins and you need any help, please post your issues, queries in the support forum. I’ll get back to you soon.

I’m on Twitter @vaakash. You can follow me there and get to know stuff which I find fascinating. I’m there on instagram too.

Most of my current projects specifically WordPress plugins are published under the name “Aakash Web”. If you are interested in my work, you can follow it in social media through the links below. I post the information about any new works I publish and updates on my existing works.

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