Announcer is a easy plugin to add attractive announcements, notifications, greetings, events, notes etc with attractive styles and themes.

(New) Announcer is rewritten from scratch and has lot more exciting features like a premium plugin.


  • Create unlimited multiple announcements.
  • Display multiple announcements in one page.
  • Position the announcement at multiple locations in a page.
    • Float above & bottom page
    • Static above & bottom page
    • Above post title
    • Manual placement
  • Schedule announcements to be displayed later.
  • Display the announcement in specific page or posts using the advanced location rule maker.
  • Many attractive predefined design styles to choose.
  • Customizable colors at many levels.
  • Ability to set expiry date to announcements.
  • Rich text editor.
  • Intro effects
  • Close button with cookie support.
  • Simple yet advanced admin user interface for managing announcements.

With this plugin,

  • Create site wide important announcements.
  • Add update info to specific posts, page, custom post types etc.
  • Display offers, deals, new post updates
  • and more !




  • Plugin completely rewritten from scratch.
  • Supports creation of multiple announcements
  • Brand new admin interface.
  • New position options
  • New location rule maker.
  • Revised public JS and CSS files.
  • Completely new !


  • Selectable intro effects (Fade and slide in) can be added to the announcement.
  • Updated the announcement editor to the latest version.
  • Fixed some UI related bugs.


  • Removed credit link.
  • Added a new announcement box style.
  • Minor UI changes.


  • jQuery incompatibility for other plugins fixed.
  • Announcement is now disabled in feeds.
  • Added announcement expiry information to the dashboard.
  • Admin interface is tweaked


  • Admin interface is revamped.
  • Some variables, fields are removed, renamed.
  • Inbuilt styles are added.
  • Improvements are made to the “Top fixed” and “Bottom fixed” positions using jQuery.
  • The styles can be customized with custom colors.
  • The HTML of the annnouncement can be viewed and edited.
  • Undo, Redo buttons are removed from the WYSIWYG editor.


  • Major “Header” bug removed.
  • Cookie bugs are removed.
  • Revision system changed.
  • Admin Interface changed.
  • Code revised.


  • Initial Version.
  • 2 Inbuilt CSS styles.

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  • Zach

    It’d be really great to see some demo pages to see how they function 🙂

  • You don’t need a demo for this plugin. This plugin is fully safe and has no risk. You can install it in your site using the automatic plugin installation.

    Anyway, i will arrange for the a demo. You can also see the screenshots above instead.

  • hi Aakash this is a very useful plugin. Can u put one more function to it like who should see the announcement will be handy in a multi author blog/registration required blog…

  • Thank you for your suggestions. Your request will be considered

  • After all, how many ways can an announcer say the puck is down the ice and dumped into the corner? There’s no time for long, flowing descriptions and …

  • And because of who I am, there will be more attention that if it would be a regular play-by-play announcer coming in for a couple games.

  • This plugin looks awesome, but I am having a hard time with the close button – it currently does nothing upon clicking. Tested in Safari and Chrome… any ideas?

  • He’s also worked as a play-by-play announcer for the Salem Avalanche of the Carolina League and the Wilson Tobs of the Coastal Plain League. …

  • Is there a way to call the function in a custom index page i created?I mean its coded from the ground up not made using WP?

  • Wow, thanks for your great sharing:)

  • Thanks for using my plugin and a gr8 thanks for your contribution. The WYSIWYG editor is useful for beginners. But sure that the next version will have both the editors.. The jquery effects will be added also in the next version.

  • Anonymous

    thanks your plugin is very good for me

  • Anonymous

    thanks your plugin is very good for me


    • I think… the screen shots  are enough for this plugin…. if you want ill add more…

  • Sebastian

    This script will malfunction with the German version of wordpress. In the German wordpress, instead of “Yes”, “Ja” is shown. “Ja” is written into the database, but your script will explicitly check for “Yes”, so no close-button is shown. Please fix this.
    As a workaround, one can replace line 150 of announcer.php, reading “if ($announcer_show_close_button == ‘Yes’){” with  “if ($announcer_show_close_button == ‘Yes’ || $announcer_show_close_button == ‘Ja’ ){” However you shouldn’t compare language-dependent strings.

    • Sebastian

      Oh and in line 191 of announcer.php, you have a typo “toggleInitialiaze” instead of “toggleInitialize”, which will cause a javascript error.

      • Sebastian

        Oh okay you use the typo throughout the script. However in line 201 of announcer.php you should change in_footer from true to false, as Google Chrome 11 will not find “toggleInitiliaze” and the cookie for closing the announcer won’t be saved (and the user sees it every visit).

  • Anonymous

    I cannot get your plugin to work properly. By default the announcement is placed at the top of the site but the admin bar shown by WordPress is covering it, so I try to move it using the code provided in its settings but it still goes to the very top.

  • Lambo

    Great plugin!  I just have a few questions.  (1) How can I make it show up on my index/home/front page only?  (2) It’s my understanding that if I want to customize the look (font, background, etc.) I have to check “Use Custom Class” box, but what am I supposed to enter in the “Custom Class” box?  (3) I assume ther aforementioned customizations are to be made in the “announcer/announcer-custom-class.css” file…correct?  Thank you in advance for your assistance, as I attempt to spread the Gospel with my non-profit Christian outreach effort.

  • JulieCJ

    Looks great but I’d like it on my static home (front) page only, not on the inside blog page.  Border could be a little bolder.

  • JulieCJ

    Hi again.  I love this!  One little bug.  No matter what color I program in for the words, they show up in that color for a few seconds, then revert – always – to black.  Any chance of having colored words?

  • BK

    Hey guys, I put the formatting into H3 and now I can’t undo it – I have huge letters and the color won’t change from black. Can anything be done about this?

  • can I have multiple instances of this? is there a PHP shortcode that I could use to have different messages on different pages

  • Sally

    I just installed Announcer, activated it, and posted an announcement. However, it’s not showing up on my homepage. I have the “earth” theme from WP–will that not allow for this plugin?
    Thank you!

  • Moon_Shdw

    Installed this plugin on the twenty twelve theme. Very easy to use. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Matheus

    Hello, I have a blog and a website, and would like to put the same message on my website, so I need to get the information from the database of wordpress, I would like to know where the information is stored announcer.

  • Pete

    Hi, I’ve just discovered this great plugin and installed it. Everything works well, except the announcement doesn’t appear on category.php. Is there a way to make it appear on category.php?

    • Pete

      Sorry, on checking the template, it’s archive.php which the announcement doesn’t appear on. Any help gratefully received.

  • stacey

    HI. I just installed announcer on my WP site. It’s listed and active under my plugins. but I don’t see it anywhere else (sidebar, widgets, pages edits etc) where I can actually create announcements and use the plugin..What am I missing 🙂

  • Satya

    Thanks for nice plugin. I am trying to add link from rich text editor but its not working and even window not closing on cancel. please assist.

  • DerekJR321

    Hello.. I’m having a problem with announcer. When a user clicks the close button, and then navigates to another screen.. the alert will briefly show, and then disappear. How could I fix this.

  • AmenzoWeb

    Hello nice plugin , but why it cut in chrome? when i look into debuger it show : display none!! in chrome it show but only 1 sec
    in firefox it works perfect. thank you