best method to insert custom code in WordPress

Best methods to Insert Custom PHP code in WordPress?

Do you want to add custom PHP code to your WordPress website? When you read articles/guides related to WordPress, oftentimes you can see they suggest you add PHP code to tweak an existing feature of WordPress or add a new feature/option. Apart from articles, you may also need to ...

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How to get Google news RSS feed URL ?

Google news is a popular news aggregation service which is available in Google for a long time. It aggregates latest news across from multiple news sources and categorizes them based on trends, regions and topics. You can read the same Google news in your own RSS reader, display it ...

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Poll: What is your favorite admin color scheme in WordPress 3.8 ?

WordPress 3.8 was released yesterday targeting the fancy date 12-12-13 and surprisingly the development was completed in a short timeframe. Though the release was fast, it was packed with several visual changes and performance improvements. Visual changes include new color schemes for the administrator page and it is tweaked ...

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New features in WordPress 3.8

WordPress 3.7 was released this October and a new version 3.8 is announced so soon with some visual changes to the update. WordPress 3.7 had some behind the scene performance improvement and automatic update feature but had no visual change, but all the changes are really good, almost as ...

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Creating triangles with CSS

Triangles can be made easily using CSS also without any images. This trick requires only div tags and some CSS works. To get this trick, just use the code below.

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Add Speech Recognition to input boxes in HTML

Google search text box has a voice recognition feature which is very helpful for inputting long sentences and difficult words. This feature can be brought to normal input text boxes also. But this feature works only in browsers which use the webkit rendering engine (ex: Google Chrome version 11 ...

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Encoding email address in wordpress posts

Email address are frequently used in each and every posts at the bottom or at the top for contacting the post’s author. But those email addresses get spammed more. Replacements like using images instead of directly typing the addresses are also appreciable. But they can be painful inserting the ...

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Debugging PHP

Some useful techniques in debugging PHP are mentioned below Article: Firefox addon – Firephp PHP Extension – Xdebug Using var_dump() phpEd Zend Studio (5.5) with Zend Platform Using, print_r and echo

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