Easily Create Shortcodes for Code Snippets

Do you have code snippets like HTML, CSS and JavaScript which you frequently use inside posts and widgets? Create shortcodes like [sc name="my-code"] and use that instead.

  • Supports HTML, CSS and JavaScript only
  • Easy to create, reuse and manage.
  • Create unlimited shortcodes right inside WordPress admin.
  • Use the shortcodes in any supported location.
Easily Create Shortcodes for Code Snippets usin Shortcoder WordPress plugin

Use the Editor of your Choice

Shortcoder provides multiple editors to set the content for the shortcodes. Use the editor of your choice based on the content for which you are creating shortcode for.

  • Code editor
  • Visual editor
  • Plain text editor
Use the Editor of your Choice in Shortcoder plugin

Pass Custom Parameters to your Content

You can add some dynamic text to your shortcode content with customer parameters. Add placeholders to the shortcode content and set value while using the shortcode like
[sc name="my-code" heading="Welcome"].

  • Unlimited custom parameters.
  • Set default values.
  • Insert WordPress properties using WordPress parameters.
Pass Custom Parameters to your Content in Shortcoder plugin

Simple & Easy to Use

Shortcoder is really simple and easy to use just like how you write posts. Being simple, it is also feature rich and offers an intuitive admin interface to create and work with shortcodes.

  • Popup picker to select and insert Shortcodes in post editor.
  • Import/Export shortcodes.
  • Options to disable shortcode globally, only administrators or desktop/mobile devices.
  • A block for the block editor.
Insert shortcode popup picker in Shortcoder plugin

PRO features

These features are available only in the PRO version which further enhances the shortcoder experience.

Edit using Block Editor or Page Builder Plugins*

Yes, you can set content for the Shortcode using block editor or any page builder plugin. This allows you to visually design and create a shortcode for that.

  • Block editor
  • *Page builder plugins (tested with Elementor and WPBakery only)

Get started

Shortcode edit page with Custom editor selected. Block editor being used to edit shortcode content Elementor editor used to set content for the shortcode

Find where your Shortcodes are Inserted

In Shortcoder PRO version, you can locate the posts where a shortcode is used right inside the shortcode editing page. You can also filter the results by post type and status.

This is helpful if you want to edit or delete a shortcode from the posts.

Get started

The form to search for the posts/pages where the Shortcode is used.

Support for Revisions

You can enable revisions for the shortcode content just like posts. You can also keep a customizable amount of revisions and see the differences between them.

Get started

Shortcode content being compared after the revisions feature is enabled.

Include Extra Code in the Footer

Sometimes you want to insert specific code or include scripts/styles once when a Shortcode is inserted on a page. With this feature, Shortcoder PRO allows you to do that.

When the shortcode content is dependant on scripts which you need to include only once a page then you can use this feature. Note that the extra code will be inserted only at the bottom of the page.

Get started

Insert extra code in the page footer when a shortcode is used on a page


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greatest little plugin that works like a joint

by @creactivemind

This allows me to achieve so much. It’s very flexible and if you know how to wield its power, it can do wonders, allowing you to harness the power of various plugins through this little friend. i don’t know why there’s no pro version for it. this one is like the knee in a body that my site couldn’t live without.

Really great tool, thank you so much!

by @hassnalshaikh

this plugin saved me thank you so much!




  • License for 1 site
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features



  • License for 10 sites
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features



  • License for unlimited sites
  • Updates for 1 year
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features

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What exactly is shortcoder PRO ?

Shortcoder PRO is the premium version of the popular shortcoder WordPress plugin free version. It is a standalone plugin which includes more advanced features and options to create shortcodes for code snippets in a WordPress site.

Is there a free version available for the plugin which I can try before purchasing ?

Yes, there is a free version available without PRO features. You can search and install the plugin from the WordPress repository.

What happens after a purchase is complete ?

You will receive an email with a link to download the plugin. The email also contains the “license key” which you have to use to activate the plugin for automatic plugin updates.

If you have opted to create an account during the checkout process, you can login to your account and download the plugin and get the license key.

If in case you are not able to download the plugin or get the license key, please contact with the order ID and we will send you the details.

What about payments ?

We use PayPal as the payment gateway. You can make payment using the regular payment features offered by PayPal. Once the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to this website where you can find the order confirmation and details to download the plugin.

If you cannot use PayPal, please try different payment method here.

Is this a subscription?

No, you make an one-time payment. You can renew the license key manually to get the latest features and updates. You can continue to use the PRO plugin like usual even when the license has expired.

How does the license key work ?

After a successful order you will receive a unique license key which should be applied in the WordPress admin area after installing and activating the plugin. Once the license key is activated, the plugin will receive automatic updates for 1 year. You can activate the same license key on the particular number of sites based on the type of license purchased.

Do you offer refunds ?

Since plugins are digital products they are non-tangible. We really want you to be happy with the plugin. In case of any issues please try to resolve it with us. But for any reason we are not able to resolve the issue we would offer a refund within 14 days of purchase. If you have any query prior to purchasing the plugin, please feel free to contact us ! View full terms here.

Can I upgrade my license ?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher license. You can provide your license key in the upgrade page and select the license you want to upgrade.

What kind of support is offered ?

Plugin support is available via the support forum and documentation. You can log in and post a ticket in the forum. You can also send an email via contact form for direct support.

I have purchased the plugin, now what ?

You will receive an email with the download link and the license key. Please follow the installation documentation to get started.

I have more questions

No worries ! You can always contact us with your query. For anything plugin related, please do have a look at the plugin documentation

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