Use Firebug in Any Browser

Firebug is on of the famous extension for inspecting web pages in firefox. Now it is possible to use firebug in any browser using Firebug lite. Firebug lite is the small version of Firebug with limited features and usage, but has the full capability. In order to do this, just save a ...

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10 WordPress Plugins to Optimize Performance

WordPress’s popularity is vast due to its high customization and extensibility. And it is a must to optimize wordpress for best performance. WordPress itself makes your site faster, but it is still  recommended to do some optimization works to speed up your site and to reduce bandwidth costs. Below are the ...

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Accessing newly created elements using .live() function in jQuery

The .click() and similar functions like .hover() allows to access the elements which are already present. But elements created using .append(), .after(), .before() etc are newly inserted into the page. These newly created elements cannot be accessed using the functions .click(), .hover() as they target only the already present ...

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Debugging PHP

Some useful techniques in debugging PHP are mentioned below Article: Firefox addon – Firephp PHP Extension – Xdebug Using var_dump() phpEd Zend Studio (5.5) with Zend Platform Using, print_r and echo

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Comparing dates in PHP

PHP’s date function strtotime () solves the problem of comparing dates and to check whether the user entered date/custom date is expired or not. Inorder to check whether, the custom date is expired or not, we need to do the following steps Get today’s date. Get the date to ...

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Encoding email address in wordpress posts

Email address are frequently used in each and every posts at the bottom or at the top for contacting the post’s author. But those email addresses get spammed more. Replacements like using images instead of directly typing the addresses are also appreciable. But they can be painful inserting the ...

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Adding watermarks to images with PHP

Watermarks play a very important role in sections of copyright and also in site promotions. But adding custom watermarks to each and every image in site using a Photo-editing software will be painful sometimes. But for regular blogging sites with more images for a single post will definitely be ...

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