Free social buttons sharebar generator

There are many services out there to create and add social sharing buttons to your site. But if you want a simple, unique, self-hosted and no-tracking solution for your website then you are at the right place. Using this app you can create inline sharebar and floating sharebars.

The sharebar generated using this page uses libraries like socializer.css, socializer.css (optional) and fontawesome icon library (optional). You can configure the settings below, self-host the library if needed and paste the code at the required place.

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Select a style to apply for sharebar

Sharebar type

  • Inline horizontal sharebar

  • Floating sharebar

Select buttons

Add social buttons to the sharebar. Use the gear icon to set custom share/profile URL for the social button. You can also drag and drop to re-arrange the buttons in sharebar.

You can click the icon to change the service URL. If you want to create follow me icons, you can click the same icon and paste your social profile link. Leave empty to use default sharing link.

    Customize the sharebar

    Select a handful of predefined styles from the below list or create your own sharebar design. You can also select a style and customize it manually.

    Manual settings

    Sharebar settings


    Size, shape and hover effects

    Button size
    Button shape
    Hover effects

    Layouts, text and icon

    Text styles
    Font size
    Icon display

    Styles and colors

    Icon color
    Border width
    Border color
    Background color

    Other settings

    Group sites


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    Sharebar preview is displayed near the sides of window.

    Copy code

    Page to share

    In header

    In body

    Before </body>

    In header

    In body

    What's next ?

    Happy placing social share buttons on your website 😀. You can show for your support for this app like below.

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