Power of widgets anywhere in your site

Using ultimate floating widgets you can utilize the power of WordPress widgets anywhere in the page even in the pages where widgets cannot accomodate. The widgets are placed hidden near the corners of the page which opens up when users click the button.

Ultimate floating widgets in popup mode
Ultimate floating widgets in flyout mode

No sidebar ? No Issues !

Ultimate floating widgets comes in handy for themes/designs where a sidebar is expensive yet there is a need for widgets. With this plugin, widgets can be placed nice and compact in any page.

Effective Call-To-Action

Since there are many widgets which have actionable items example subscribing to newsletter, widgets like these can be made floating in the page even when the page scrolls. This makes sure that the widgets like these are not missed among the group and important ones are noticed.

Ultimate floating widgets plugin used as call to action


These features make the plugin an out of the box complete package.


This is a the basic idea of the plugin where widgets can be placed in a popup bubble.


This plugin also supports a widget type where a flyout menu with widgets can be created.

Custom icons, colours

Options are provided for every element in the plugin to be customized like icons, border color, button color etc.

Multiple positions in single page

Widgets can be placed in any corner of the page with no limit on the number of widget boxes.

Places on specific pages

This plugin has a powerful “condition based” feature where rules can be added to show floating widgets on the specific pages.

Responsive & mobile ready

Ultimate floating widgets is out of the box mobile ready, where the widget boxes adapt automatically on mobile devices.

Automatic show/hide

The popup/flyout widget boxes show/hide automatically based on the how much the page is scrolled. This is really useful for creating actionable widgets.

Custom show/hide animations

When floating widget is opened/closed custom animations can be selected to enhance the experience.

Supports any theme

The widgets placed by utlimate floating widgets use the same template as the active theme used hence the widgets retain the themes design but in floating mode.

Practical examples

Search box

Using the search box widget an example on how it can be used by utlimate floating widgets to make it actionable.

View demo

Newsletter popup

A subscribe to newletter popup can be created with the “subscribe form” widget being placed in the corner floating upon open.

View demo

Twitter feed box

An example on how twitter feed list can be created using the plugin to make it actionable and get the attraction.

View demo

Contact form

An example on how a contact form can be made floating using the plugin to gain the coverage.

View demo


Frequently Asked Questions

How many floating widgets can be placed in a page ?

Any number of widgets can be placed on the page. The open/close buttons will align themselves automatically when multiple floating widgets are located in the same corner of the page.

Is it possible to make a modal using the plugin ?

No, as of now a popup bubble and flyout menu (both left and right) on sides of page can be created.

How to hide the widget on mobile devices ?

In Ultimate floating widgets settings page, go to the edit page of the widget box and scroll down to “Location rules” section. Under this section select “On mobile devices alone”.

More FAQs

Plugin version:


Requires WordPress version


Tested upto WordPress version:


Help and Support:

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  • License for 1 site
  • Lifetime support
  • Automatic updates for 1 year



  • License for 10 sites
  • Lifetime support
  • Automatic updates for 1 year



  • License for unlimited sites
  • Lifetime support
  • Automatic updates for 1 year

Purchase FAQs

Q: What happens after a purchase is made ?

A: You will receive an email with a link to download the plugin. The email also contains the “license keys” which you have to use to activate the plugin for automatic plugin updates.

If you have an account in this website or if you have opted to create an account during the checkout process, you can login to the account and download both the plugin and get the license key.

If in case you are not able to download the plugin or obtain the license key, please contact via the contact form with the necessary order information and we will send you the details.

Q: How safe is the transaction made here ?

A: There is no need to worry. We use PayPal as the payment gateway and the entire transaction happens on PayPal’s website like usual. You can make payment using the regular payment features offered by PayPal. Once the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to this website where you can find the order confirmation and details to download the plugin.




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