Super RSS Reader is jQuery based RSS reader widget, which displays the RSS feeds in the widget in an attractive way. It uses the jQuery easy ticker plugin to add a news ticker like effect to the RSS feeds. Multiple RSS feeds can be added for a single widget and they get seperated in tabs.

The plugin is fully customizable with external styles and with some inbuilt color styles. It acts as a perfect replacement for the default RSS widget in WordPress.


  • jQuery news ticker like effect to the RSS feeds (can turn off or on)
  • Tabs support, if multiple RSS feeds are added in a single widget.
  • (NEW) Displays thumbnail to the feed items if available.
  • Customizable with Inbuilt color styles and with external CSS styles.
  • (NEW) Customizable ticker speed.
  • Add multiple RSS feeds in a page with a ticker effect.
  • (NEW) Support for full or rich description.
  • Supports RSS or atom feed.
  • Can strip title and description text of the feed item.
  • Can tweak the widget to change the no of visible feed itemas and more…

Demo video

Buy me a coffee !

Buy me coffee !

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Installation & Usage

  • Download and upload the latest version of Super RSS Reader.
  • Unzip & upload it to your WordPress site.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Drag and drop the "Super RSS Reader" widget in the "Widgets" page.
  • Input a RSS feed URL to the widget, tweak some settings and you are,
  • Done !

For support visit Aakash Web Forum.



Click the download button to download the plugin from WordPress repository or search for “super rss reader” in WordPress administration under plugins page.


How can I customize the RSS widget externally ?

You can use the super-rss-reader-widget class in your stylesheet to control the widget styling. Other classes are,

  1. srr-tab-wrap – the tab’s class.
  2. srr-wrap – the wrapper of the widget.
  3. srr-item.odd – to control the odd feed items.
  4. srr-item.even – to control the even feed items.

Will the additional ticker effect slows the site ?

No. the additional effect needs only 3.4 Kb of additional file. I think thats not too heavy to slow down the site.

How to create a tabbed mode ?

Just enter the RSS feed URLs seperated by comma in the widget, the plugin automatically renders the tab.

For more FAQs just check out the official page.

Change Log


  • Added feature to change individual tab titles/names.
  • Added feature to enable rich or full description.
  • Fixed feed ordering issues.
  • Updated jQuery easy ticker plugin to v2.0.
  • Minor code revisions.


  • Added feature to cut down/strip feed titles.
  • Added a new ‘Simple modern’ color style.


  • Fixed imcompatibility of other jQuery plugins due to the usage of the latest version of jQuery.


  • Displays “thumbnail” of the feed item if available.
  • Added setting to change ticker speed.
  • Added setting to edit the “Read more” text.
  • Default styles are revised.
  • Switched to full size ticker code.
  • Core code revised.


  • Added option to open links in new window.
  • Changed the method to include the scripts and styles.
  • Added a new ‘Orange’ color style.


  • Core code is completely rewritten.
  • Flash RSS Reader is removed and instead jQuery is used.
  • Administration panel used in the previous version is removed and settings are configured in the widget itself.


  • Second version with included CSS and Proxy file (loadXML.php).


  • Initial version with a flash RSS Reader

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  • How do I draw in the header/footer images from the site feed that I’m using?

  • How do I draw in the header/footer images from the site feed that I’m using?

  • Guest

    I have been using the Super RSS Feeder for quite a while now, but it is not working in Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1

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  • Virtualization Net

    Hi, excellent plugin thank you. One small issue though, it doesn’t work when w3 Total cache minify is enabled.

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  • jcamp

    Is there any option (or future option) for images?

    • Displaying images in the sidebar will increase the widget height. So no one will use it. Due to this reason images cannot be displayed.

      • jcamp

        I would….. I want to use it for a news section on a full page. So, not everyone will be using it in a sidebar…. 

  • Nola Cooper

    In the future can you make the feed links open in a new window?

    • Yes sure, Ill implement this in the next version.

      • Nola Cooper

         Thank you! 🙂

        • If you want it in the current version, then do the following.

          – Open super-rss-reader/super-rss-reader.php
          – Change the line 145
          echo '<a href="' . $link . '" title="Posted on ' . $date . '">' .$title . '</a>';
          echo '<a target="_blank" href="' . $link . '" title="Posted on ' . $date . '">' .$title . '</a>';
          – Thats all

  • Berletzis

    Hi, excellent plugin thank you. do u know how to show the feeds horizontal
    display: inline-block; ???

    • Inline means ?? In my view, you need to choose “visible=1” and move the widget to the top and increase its width to the page’s width. Thank you.

  • Mich

    Love your plugin, but is there a way you can add an option whereby the news come from multiple feeds rather than just from a single feed.
    Which means the source would be hidden because no need to switch feeds.

  • Agwww

    Great plugin. Is there a way to slow down the animation? the scrolling is pretty fast.

  • None

    Where are the instructions for customising? Do I just cusomise the CSS file in the plugin directory? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • None

    Where are the instructions for customising? Do I just cusomise the CSS file in the plugin directory? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Tinker

    I have been trying to customize the look of my selected feed. I’m a bit in doubt what the “Count” value does?

  • prighas

    Hello Aaakash, thanks for the great plugin. My question is: what code should I change to make the link to the article open in a new page instead of the existing page? I want to make sure the user does not leave my site when they click on news feed. 

    Thank you.

  • Post

    How can i increase the Speed for updating rssfeed?

  • Spenderg

    Hi, this plugin was exactly what I needed and very simple to use. One question: I’m experiencing a delay of several hours between the time a post is posted and when it shows up in the feed being displayed by the Supper RSS Reader. I don’t see any “delay” settings in the widget. Any ideas? Thanks very much!

    • prighas

      Hello guys, I’m having the same issue too. 

    • Ill soon add an option to change the delay option of the ticker effect. Thank you.

  • Luke

    Is it just me or does the ticking effect not work?
    I have the checkbox enabled but my feed doesnt tick?
    I am under the impression it will tick and rotate all the articles on the feed?
    or does it only tick when a new article is posted to the feed?

    • There must be a Javascript error in a page due to other plugins. Press Ctrl+Shift+J in chrome and post the error you get.

      • Luke

        Hi, Thanks for the reply.

        The only errors im getting are about my facebook and twitter buttons as i havent setup them with accounts yet so getting a 404

        Otherwise there is an error about cufon fonts. I have attached a screenshot

        My theme has jquery 1.31 in the scripts folder. would updating that with the latest one make a difference maybe?

        • Luke

          If you look at my site. you will see i also have a tesimonials plugin next to the your plugin.
          Both of these should rotate

          • Lukepev

             Its OK i managed to fix it.
            The theme i was using was using an old version of jquery.
            I just commented it out so im using the wp one.
            All working fine and dandy.
            Thanks for your help

          • Also, did you note the 3rd line, there is a file which is not found in your server (404) Just correct it.

  • prighas

    Thanks I did replace it following Aaakash’s instructions and it works. Thanks both.

  • prighas

    hello again Aaakash and all, 

    I can’t seem to pull RSS for feeds that are ending with .xml. Does it only work for .rss or am I missing something? Can you please advise on how to include an RSS feed that ends with a .xml? 
    Thanks again.

  • Lukepev

    I just added a feed that ends in / no extension whatsoever and it works. its the cnet tech news feed


  • Lukepev

    @ Developer
    Is there a way to sepcifiy a custom name for the feeds when they are being displayed in tabs?
    I’ve just found where i set the speed the articles scroll at. It would be good to integrate that into the widget as an option.

    • In the next version, Ill add an option to change the delay of the sliding.

      • Jeswin Raj

        Delay of the sliding and making the links open in new window/tab is a must have feature – thanks a lot.

    • Chelsea

      Where do you set the speed the articles scroll at? I’d love to make use of a different speed. It ticks too quickly for my liking. Thanks!

    • Guest

       Where did you make the change? In the JS? Where please?

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  • Hippie

    Is there a way to have it display images in rss feed it is reading?

  • Claudio

    how to open a link on a new _blank target ?
    thank you

    • Doug

       I am with Claudio. Excellent plug-in, but the ability to open in a new window is a must. Is there any quick adjustment I can make in the code?

    • Doug

       I am with Claudio. Excellent plug-in, but the ability to open in a new window is a must. Is there any quick adjustment I can make in the code?

  • Jclgranados

    Hello, it run very fast, how i can do it more slow to see the posts of the rss

    • Paul Braspenning

      Same to me. The ticker runs on high speed, i like to slow it down.

  • Francois

    Hi i am trying to get this to work with wpml, english works, but dutch and spanish prohibit the page to be loaded, just a blank screen, any ideas? i really like your plugin

    • Francois

      Hi I am subscribed to these comments hoping i would get a reply on my issue, instead i just got a bunch of emails with new comments, I would like this to works with wpml, any ideas?

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  • Scisport

    The widget is superb save for one minor item. I am using 6 different feeds and when someone clicks on an RSS link, I want that page to open in a new browser window. Is this possible to accomplish and how? Thank you. 

  • Imraan

    When i add a new post, the scroll does not update

  • guest

    Is there a way to set a fixed height? The widget constantly keeps resizing due to minor differences in # of lines in the RSS items

  • CY

    “Multiple RSS feeds can be added for a single widget and they get seperated in tabs. ”

    Instead of having multiple feeds in separate tabs, is it possible to display a mixture of feeds? Just one tab. Thoughts?


  • Chodhry

    Can you add following options

    – Show a small icon beside the title of the feed. Like yahoo, google, bing, cnn, bbc, etc…
    – Ability to show thumbnails instead of text as many feeds can be of media (image, video) 

  • Chodhry

    Can you add following options

    – Show a small icon beside the title of the feed. Like yahoo, google, bing, cnn, bbc, etc…
    – Ability to show thumbnails instead of text as many feeds can be of media (image, video) 

  • Randy

    Hi, I installed the super RSS reader and configured it to read three feeds. They are reading correctly and I can change the number of posts to read. What doesn’t seem to work is the ticker function. The posts are not scrolling up like the demo shows. I tried clearing cache and even tried a different computer and different browsers but I can’t figure out the reason for it. What should I try next?

  • Randy

    Hi, I installed the super RSS reader and configured it to read three feeds. They are reading correctly and I can change the number of posts to read. What doesn’t seem to work is the ticker function. The posts are not scrolling up like the demo shows. I tried clearing cache and even tried a different computer and different browsers but I can’t figure out the reason for it. What should I try next?

    • I also have the same problem. 

  • Paul Braspenning

    Very nice reader but the ticker runs quite fast. Too fast for easy reading. Is it possible to slow it down?

    • Paul

      Sorry, didn’t read your comment from a month ago:  “In the next version, Ill add an option to change the delay of the sliding.”
      Hope the next version will be soon there..

  • Upstream Support

    Isn’t there any way to, just “edit” the plugin in Word Press, to slow it down? Kinda of useless like it is… same with opening a “new page” issue.

  • Kenn

    Is there anyway I can limit the number of days the feed pulls in? For example I only want the 3 Days showing in the feed

  • bartku

    This plugin would be exactly what I needed if only there was an option to switch off tabs…

  • RoPey

    I posted on the Support forum on the WordPress site, but though maybe I should have done it here, so sorry for the duplication. I really like this plugin, but it runs too fast, can you say when you will add the functionality in that you mention below, to change the delay time on the slider and do you plan to include anything to control the speed of the slider?

  • Christopher

    I try to use a comma and it doesn’t let me add more then 1 RSS feed. What can I do? 


  • Erik

    Is it possible to hide the RSS title discription? 
    so it will only show the discription?

  • AS

    A funktion to slow this really good plugin down, would be very nice!

  • Verocom

    To change the speed, open the str-js.js file and edit line 40. Change “interval: 2e3,” for “interval: 4e3,”

    • Paul

      Thanks for the tip, this is the perfect solution. You can even choose your own interval time like: 4e3 (4 seconds), 8, 10,12 or any number before e3.. Works great!

  • Joshua Metzelaar

    Does this feed reader have support for filtering? To show only articles that contain certain strings of text?
    Does it have support to show multiple sources in one list without the use of tabs?

  • irfan

    excellent plugin, is it possible to add custom site name, currently its fetching from the rss feed. i want to add short name.

  • dgdesign

    Your widget is awesome. just what i needed. however i would like to know if it can be used in a page section and not just as a widget? thank you!

    • Did you find out the answer to this? I was looking for a shortcode to post multiple feeds on a single post without any other content. Presently, it posts the feeds at the bottom of a post page that already existed as an article. Looks like there isn’t timely support with this plugin. I posted this question on the support forum but I’m seeing that responses are few on other posts.

    • Still nothing? I wanted to do the same exact thing?

    • Philip Barrington

      One answer to this is to implement page builder by siteorigin. Problem solved!

    • dgdesign, As of now the rss reader can be placed only in widgets. I’ll check whether it is possible to have a shortcode so that it can be used anywhere in posts or pages.

  • manalone

    Hi. good jo you make here. a good plugin simple and nice. i think evrything is there.
    I have a Little bug on mywebsite because ai use accordeon javascript for article. su My accordeon wouldn’t work when i put your plugin . i think is a conflict and i don’t know how to resolve it. … if you have a n issue .

    however i have an idea: i would like to open tu link of the feed ( trough the plugin) in lightbox on fancybox … do you think it’s possible ?

    Thanxs!! nice job

  • Nick Furnell

    When I add the 2nd & 3rd RSS Feeds to the Widget – they only display the first article? The 1st RSS feed is fine and follows the settings in the Widget eg. No. to display and crop length. Any thoughts?

  • I would like to use this, but only if you can switch off tabs for different feeds but still show them in the same window. Is this possible?

  • And

    Hello anybody know how to display thum images? Or somebody have php that we cann add to the php to show the image? Or how to catch first image from description?

    • david

      I can display images either

  • Malou

    Is it possible to translate or get a Dutch translation (or directions for creating one)? Otherwise absolutely great plugin!!!

  • amir

    hi.thanks for this plugin
    i have e question: if i want to put this script in my theme (because my theme dose not support sidebar) what is the code?
    thanks for your regards

  • Praveen

    Hi,Ticker is not working ,How can I activate the ticker?

  • adam

    Would be great if we can combine RSS feeds into single display

  • alex

    The application work great, but something bother me. How can I update my rss feed for this plugin? I am newer. looking forward for your answer.

  • Chris Tan

    Tried to send you a PayPal donation. Got: “Currently PayPal accounts in India are only able to send payments. This recipient is not eligible to receive funds.” Send me another way to donate. [email protected] Thanks.

  • Tomas

    Where I can download 2.1 version because the latest is totally messing with my slider. Thx

  • HatHead

    This is a great plug-in. However, the update just broke my theme and I had to disable it. Also, to people wanting to change the speed rate, this was pretty easy to do although you have to do it in code.

  • heya

    I just updated to v2.2 and now fancybox effect doesnt work anymore. O_o
    Any tips?


  • heya

    v2.2 update :

    When i enable the plugin, fancybox effect doesnt work anymore.
    When i disable the plugin, fancybox effect works again.
    I downgraded to v2.1, but problem remains…
    So now i can no longer use Super RSS Reader, whatever the version. =/

  • Gizmodo feeds can be seen here …

    • Thanks, no idea why it didn’t work before. Now it’s a-ok.

  • When I saw the plugin, it is working correctly. I din’t see any issues. 🙂

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  • Bob

    Ticker stopped working today. It was fine up until now! HELP???

  • Paul

    Suddenly Super RSS Reader is causing FancyBox to fail. Tried downgrading to Super RSS Reader 2.0 but no good. Please help.

  • Bob

    Is anyone who has anything to do with Super RSS Reader on the development side paying any attention? Based on the last 12-15 hours or so, apparently there are several people having the same problem of the ticker not functioning or Fancybox mis-haps happening! Anyone out there who has solved this?

    • Please mention the exact error which you get. This will help me to fix it. Plain queries make it difficult to understand. Thank you.

  • 2.3 does not show the feeds on my site. Was working perfectly before update…

  • KB

    This plugin is awesome, however I can’t get more than 1 post on multiple blogs, I can only get the amount that was set in ‘settings’ for the first feed I add. Does anyone know a workaround or a fix? See Screenshots

  • Globedrifter

    I like this RSS reader. However, my feeds contain bold sentences or words. Unfortunately, the reader cannot display bold characters and just displays like this example: I am bold which does not look too great. Can you think of a remedy??

  • Globedrifter

    Well, this did not show up as intended, because here it works. In the feed it shows like this: “I am bold

  • Globedrifter

    I am having a hard time showing what I mean. So I attached a JPG showing the exact display of bold script within the RSS reader.

    • Its the problem with the RSS feed. Super RSS Reader just prints the content in the feed. make sure the feed has the correct content. Please give the RSS feed URL if possible so that I can check it.

  • TC

    The plugin works great on every page except my home page. On the home page, it just displays 20 items all down the page, without any of the sliding action

    • There is a Javascript error in you home page. Correcting that error will fix the issue.

  • Chris

    How can I increase or decrease the title length? Do I need to modify the “super-rss-reader.php”? If so, what do I change? Won’t this need to be done every update then? Would there be a css option instead? Thanks.

  • greg

    Hi there! I think the tabbed RSS is awesome and I love the plugin. Do any of you who are using this plugin have checked whether RSS feeds are searchable by the default search functionality in WordPress? If yes, please place an example where I can see it working. Thanks for your comments

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  • c_z

    Anyone know how to change the Supper RSS reader widget, so the ” featured blogs display” and the blog titles are not displayed within the feed? I just want the stories and links to the stories displayed similar to the video above at the ten second mark. I have a bunch of feeds and it looks like garbage with all the blog titles listed there as well. Thanks

  • Vianney

    Hello, great plugin. How can I do to translate the months in french ? Thanks

  • emir


    tnx / its very good

    but , be better if you put the language files (.po) & control keys for stop,up and down

    i want translate it, if possible

    tnx anyway

  • Woodpecker

    Having a problem with not updating despite the suggested change to the functions.php file.
    Only updates with a manual page refresh (all browsers)

  • Wasim

    Hi, I am using this plugin but i got error on my screen “RSS Error: This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid
    characters. XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 122,
    column 29” everyone tell me i can solve this please!! help me if possible ..


  • Wasim

    Hi, I am using this plugin but i got error on my screen “RSS Error: This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid
    characters. XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 122,
    column 29” everyone tell me how can i solve this please!! help me if possible ..


    • Hello, it seems like there is a problem with the feed. There must be some XML error. Use some feed validator to validate that feed. Thank you.

      • Wasim

        Thanks i solved this issue 😀

      • vignesh

        how can i validate feed

  • Wasim


  • Pete

    Hi thanks for this nice plugin, trying to make the description field appear as mouse over tool tip and not under the title link. Hoping to make tool tip popup when mouse is over the title link. Looking for some direction thank you.

  • ru

    cannot see thumbnail of posts from other sites..

  • Steve

    Aakash I made a tiny change on the js and css to make the effect go to vertical direction instead.

    • bear

      share some code or input on how you did it

  • Marc

    How can I remove the links of the titles (no follow) so the titles are not click able to the source website.

  • mimo

    HI its possible to add as shortcode? thanks

  • Aakash Very Good Article !!! Thank you for Sharing…

  • domadimo

    Nice plugin. But it doesnt scroll automaticly if the page is open for the first time. You have to click another rss feed, then it starts to scroll

  • adch

    It is great and usefull plugin, but i need to use it into a page. Does it support shortcode?

    • steve

      Did you ever learn how to do this, or if it can be done?

      • adch

        I know a little, but i think thw plugin developer can develope it much easier.

  • Steve

    I too am trying to put Super RSS on a page. Can it happen? If so, how? I love the widgit on a sidebar, but hope to include it on a page. Thanks.

    • Philip Barrington

      Ad the plugin Page Builder by siteorigin and the world is your oyster.

  • Steve

    BTW: Nice work. Gladly supporting your efforts.

  • Dave

    It appears WordPress 3.7.1 update has broken Super RSS Reader. All I get now is “No items” instead of the feed.

  • Marijn

    Can I disable the title from linking, and als the more tag?

  • I like the plugin, but would like to disable the HTML stripping and remove the title. I’m using a Google News feed and it comes in nice HTML format out of the box. Feed example:

  • Gabriel

    Hello. Please, tell me, how can I put for the links appearing in the rss? The content of my rss is mostly links to different homepages.

  • Sannika02

    Hi! Just started using this, and it is working fine! Apart from one thing, if I choose the option “Open links in new tab” it works fine on the clickable headline of the post, but the “read more” link still opens in the parent window/tab. It there is something I must do myself please advice! Other wise I would be very happy if this “bug” gets fixed 🙂

    Thank you!

  • GG

    It would be nice to be able to change the fetching duration time.

  • Gerry O’Connor

    Is there no Shortcode support for this plugin?

  • Eugenijus Toleikis

    How to delete cash (or smt like) ?
    i have setuped to show my own rss. After in my rss i changed images sizes, but in wordpress it show all old images sizes, something like it have cash memory?

  • ircsome

    suggesting an enhancement – allow me to specify Category ID as follows:
    0 – all CURRENT
    1,5,9 – only 1 5 & 9 CURRENT
    !7,!85 – all but not 7 and not 85 NEW

  • ircsome

    oops … wrong plugin … ignore that!

  • webp

    Anybody got the problem that “Super RSS Reader” plugin makes the chrome scrollbar to disappear?

  • webp

    When I have more than 1 Tab in “Super RSS Reader” widget, the chrome scrollbar disappear. When I remove other tabs, the chrome scrollbar reappear. Scrolling is also much faster with only 1 tab. Otherwise, with multiple tabs, the page reacts very slowly.

  • Dennis

    Hi, How can I change feeds in order to oldest first en newest at the bottom?

  • L. Williams

    I’m using Super RSS reader plugin and really don’t know at all where to
    start to add this to my WordPress 3.9.1 and HighEnd theme 1.5. I tried
    adding it to my static pages and wasn’t getting anywhere, didn’t know
    what I was doing. I think I need a post/blog page which is fine. I want
    to add any new updates/news and subscribers can be updated with latest
    things going on. Right now my RSS link isn’t doing anything at
    KratomUsers.Com… Not sure what to ask as I don’t know how to add this
    plugin. Any help to a RSS newbie would be helpful. I tried adding this
    to a widget and didn’t get far. I just don’t know where to start or what
    to do and hope I didn’t screw something up. What’s my question you may
    ask? I’m not even sure. Where to begin?

  • PrayasDelhi

    Hi, Your plugin seems not be updating feed items automatically! What is the frequency of updating feed items by fetching new items from the source?

  • Lech

    Hi! I have a problem with plugin on site kpwig (dot) pl. Almost always (somtetimes it works) is error:
    RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: Operation timed out after 10000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received
    Is it problem with plugin, or with RSS site? How can I fix it?

  • Vinicius

    Hi Aakash! First I would like to thank the excellent plugin. I verified that the option of show thumbnails only works if “Show Description” is checked too. I would like to show only the thumbnail and the title on my site. There are any way of contribute with the plugin? The code is available in github or other service that allow us to submit a fix or improvement?

    Thanks in advanced.

  • good plugin

  • Nigel McHugh

    Hi – it looks great but I dont seem to be getting automatic updates from my phpBB forum Atom Feed. Any suggestions as to why this is not working automatically? Many thanks Nigel

  • vignesh

    xml invalid error occur super rss reader how can i solve sir please tel me…..

    • Vignesh. Did you try the same feed in WordPress’s native RSS widget ? if it works there then it should work in super rss reader also.

  • hiphoplive

    Hi there, great scripts. Just wondered if there’s a non-wordpress version at all. Thank you

  • Andrea Farioli

    Nice widget. But i don’t understand how a vitiator can subscribe to RSS feed.

  • Looks interesting, but where exactly did you hide the settings page? It doesn’t appear in the settings menu or anywhere else, so I can’t really use it.

    • Philip Barrington

      Hi John, most of the settings are in the widget when you invoke the module. I have been able to edit the css for the orange style to fit the module to different themes

  • Philip Barrington

    Hi Aakash – congratulations on what seems to me to be one of the handiest RSS reader plugins for WordPress. At the moment for development consideration there are a couple issues that I have encountered. One is that a number of themes I use which were generated using artisteer and also themler, The tabs inherit a bullet point marker. I have been able to suppress that in css, but it would be nice in the plugin could invoke its own list style to stop that issue – I notice that it does not happen when using Vantage. In the use backend interface I would like there to be a custom style, based on something like orange, where the user can choose colours to invoke. The feed list and the Tab Title list fields may be better as Text areas, because at present if you invoke more than two or three feeds you are likely to be running out of visible content. This module works beautifully with Page Builder from SiteOrigin.

    • Hi Philip, thanks for the idea. But as you said the bullet points are specific to themes. Some themes force the bullet points and some not. You can suppress it by using the css class already attached as you did. Since the audience of the plugin is diverse it is quite challenging to support all. So I left it upto the users to customize the feed as per individuals taste. The “color style” just gives an idea to the user on how the feed can be modified. If possible I will even add some more color schemes as you said.

  • Mas Lega

    I just installed in my WP website. It is very good. But when source changed, it is still showing old records. Pls advice

  • Sara Henkel

    Since the update (today) will not only – as set – 3 News displayed instead a number (11 pieces). The URLs are no longer linked? This is really stupid, I find it a super widget and has been very satisfied!