• Fix: Order whole RSS feed by date.
  • Fix: Handle null returns.
  • PRO: Pull description from the source URL for Google news and Google alerts.


  • Fix: Restrict admin ajax calls with nonce.
  • Fix: Enhancements to pick thumbnail from srcsets and skip remote relative thumbnails.
  • Fix: Comment user avatar is added to comments RSS feed.


  • New: Option to show/hide feed item title.
  • New: Option to link description text with the feed item URL.
  • New: Option to offset/skip RSS feed items.
  • New: Option to set different width and height for the thumbnail.
  • Fix: PHP 8 warnings.
  • Fix: Additional ellipsis are now stripped from the description text.
  • PRO: Support for 6 grid columns.
  • PRO: Google news and Google alerts RSS feeds will now fetch thumbnail image.


  • New in PRO: Paginated display type.
  • New in PRO: Wildcard value is now supported as filter value.
  • New: Option to set fixed height for the feed with scrollbar.
  • New: RSS feeds are now fetched with Chrome user agent.
  • Fix: <b> tag is now included in the rich text description.


  • New in PRO: Merge multiple RSS feeds into one.
  • New: Color theme (Modern 2).
  • Fix: Padding issue in one column layout.


  • Fix: Template field was stripping away some characters.


  • New: Support for lazy loading is enabled for thumbnails.
  • New: WordPress requirement is updated.
  • Fix: Enhancements to widget form and feed output sanitization.


  • New in PRO: Option to fetch thumbnail directly from the feed URL if not available.
  • New: Option to choose timezone for the date of feed items.
  • New: Error logging system in the PRO version.
  • Fix: Set default link URL when feed item has no link.
  • Fix: Break tags are retained in the feed description.


  • New: Display feed item date in relative format.
  • Fix: Minor enhancements to widget admin UI.
  • New in PRO: Filter by category.
  • Fix in PRO: Feed items count was incorrect when filter was applied.


  • Fix: All feed items were displayed when “Order by” is selected as “default”


  • New in PRO: Filter feed items by keyword.
  • New: Option to prefer full content or summary to display as feed description.
  • New: Default ordering option.
  • New: Option to change no feed item text.
  • Fix: Bug with select field in widget form.
  • Fix: Read more link being displayed when description is empty.


  • New: Option to order/sort feed items by date, random.
  • New: Filter hook to customize thumbnail URL.


  • Fix: Ticker sometimes gets stuck when browser tab is switched or not viewed.
  • New: Featured image is automatically inserted into local RSS feed to show as thumbnail if the post has no image in it.


  • New: Option to change date format
  • New: Date will now be in the same language as the site.
  • New: Option to set default thumbnail image if not present.
  • New: Filter hook to customize the feed item’s HTML.


  • Fix: Added hover style for the tabs and on active style when no theme is selected.
  • New: Tested with WordPress 5.6


  • New: Reliable thumbnails. Thumbnails will now be taken from multiple places like feed content.
  • New: Thumbnail positions (align left, right and cover mode) and size can be changed.
  • New: Widget options are now more refined, easy to find and use.
  • New: Plugin is now translation ready.
  • New: noreferrer added to the feed links.
  • New: Stripe of feed items is now done using CSS class srr-stripe instead of even.
  • New in PRO: Shortcodes
  • New in PRO: 4+ Color themes
  • New in PRO: Grid layout
  • New in PRO: Custom template for the feed content.

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