1. Downloading the plugin
  2. Deactivating the free version
  3. Installation
    1. Install via admin page
    2. Install via FTP
  4. Activating/Applying the license
  5. Renewing the license

Downloading the plugin

Download the plugin using the download link sent to the order receipt email after a successful order or from the my account orders page if you have selected to create an account during the order.

If you have any trouble downloading the plugin after a successful purchase, please reach through the contact form.

The downloaded file will be a .zip file. If incase it is not a zip file please rename the file to

Deactivating the free version

Super RSS Reader – PRO is a complete plugin and not an addon to Super RSS Reader free version. Hence please deactivate the free version of the plugin before installing the PRO version of the plugin.

Note: Deactivating the plugin will not delete your existing settings.


Installing Super RSS Reader – PRO is just like any other WordPress plugin.

Install via admin page:

  • Upload the downloaded .zip file it to your WordPress site in Plugins -> Add new -> Upload plugin page.
  • Activate the plugin.
  • Drag and drop the "Super RSS Reader" widget in the "Widgets" page. (If you had used the free version then the widget will appear as is)
  • Enjoy using the PRO features of the plugin !

Install via FTP:

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file to super-rss-reader-pro
  • Connect to your site’s FTP and upload the folder to /wp-content/plugins directory.
  • In your WP admin area, navigate to Plugins and activate the plugin.

Activating the license

  • After activating the plugin, visit Settings -> Super RSS Reader – PRO -> License & Updates.
  • Copy and paste the license key into the "License key" field. You can get the license key from the order receipt email or from the my account page if you have selected to create an account while ordering.

Once activated the plugin will continue to receive automatic updates for 1 year. If there are any issue with obtaining your license key or activating the license please contact with your order ID.

Renewing the license

You can renew or upgrade the license key using the license key Renewal form. Renewal orders get 10% discount on the price.

If you have already renewed or upgraded an existing license key, please follow the instructions below to refresh the latest expiry date for the plugin.

  • Visit Settings -> Super RSS Reader – PRO -> License & Updates on your WordPress administration page.
  • Under "Update information" click the "Refresh" button to fetch the latest renewed expiry date.

If there are any issues with refreshing the renewed license key, please contact with your order ID, the domain URL and the error message.

Haven’t got the plugin yet ?

If you haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, please visit the plugin homepage to purchase and download the plugin using the link below.

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