With PRO version we can use shortcode to display RSS feed items anywhere in the website. Currently as of version v4.0 the shortcode can be built manually by following the reference below.


[srr_feed parameter1="val" parameter2="val"]


Below shortcode will generate RSS feed list for two feed URLs (MakeUseOf and NASA) in two different tabs with the titles "MakeUseOf" and "NASA" respectively with the color style "dark", author and date displayed.

[srr_feed urls="https://feeds.feedburner.com/Makeuseof, https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/breaking_news.rss" tab_titles="MakeUseOf, NASA" color_style="dark" show_author=1 show_date=1]

Parameter reference

The shortcode parameters supported can be also referred in Settings -> Super RSS Reader - Pro page.

Parameter Description Default value Supported values
urls The URLs to display RSS feed for. Multiple RSS feed URLs can be separated by a new line or comma.
tab_titles The title of the tab for the respective RSS feed.
count The total number of feed items to fetch. 5
show_date Display the date of the feed item. 0 0 – Hide date, 1 – Show date
show_desc Display the description/excerpt of the feed item. 1 0 – Hide description, 1 – Show description
show_author Display the author of the feed item. 0 0 – Hide author, 1 – Show author
show_thumb Display the thumbnail of the feed item. 1 0 – Hide thumbnail, 1 – Show thumbnail
template The template of the feed item. %%title%% %%metadata%% %%thumbnail%% %%description%%
strip_desc Trim the description to certain number of words. 30
strip_title Trim the title text to certain number of words. 0
read_more The read more text if the description is trimmed. […]
rich_desc Display rich description with all the formatting. Note: With rich description text cannot be trimmed. 0 0 – Normal description1 – Rich description
add_nofollow Add "nofollow" attribute to feed links. 1 0 – Do not add nofollow attribute, 1 – Add nofollow attribute
open_newtab Open the feed links in new tab. 1 0 – Open in same tab, 1 – Open in new tab
thumbnail_position The position of the thumbnail. align_left align_left – Align left, align_right – Align right, cover – Cover
thumbnail_size The size of the thumbnail including the units. Example: 64px, 10% 64px
color_style The style of the feed display. none none – No style, grey – Grey, dark – Dark, orange – Oranges, modern – Simple modern, twitter – Twitter, twitter_dark – Twitter (dark)card – Card, card_dark – Card (dark)
display_type The type of feed display mode. vertical_ticker normal – Normal, vertical_ticker – Ticker, grid – Grid
visible_items The number of feed items to be visible when ticker is enabled. 5
ticker_speed The speed of the ticker animation in seconds. Without units. 4
grid_columns The number of columns in the grid between 2 to 4. 2
filter_type Type of keyword filtering for the RSS feed items no_filter no_filter – No filtering, show – Show items based on filter, hide – Hide items based on filter
filter_name The name of the filter created

Using the shortcode in theme templates

The shortcode can be used in PHP theme templates like below.

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[srr_feed parameter1="val" parameter2="val"]' ); ?>

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