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  • in reply to: WP Socializer – Like button gives unneeded whitespace

    In the Facebook tab, select “Show Faces” to “No” in the WP Socializer admin page.

    in reply to: Alignment again, error, plus Stumble

    this is a known issue… i am constantly working on this problem.

    in reply to: Hot to insert shortcde inside shortcoded HTML text?

    currently inserting a shortcode inside a shortcode is not possible.. maybe the future versions can get it working !!


    in reply to: How To Remove The Word "Share" From Facebook Share Content?

    @taylor4814 this seems to be a serious issue. The word share comes from the facebook share button.. I am just finding a way to solve this problem .. its breaking my head !!! thanks for the bugs report, and i will soon solve the problem !

    in reply to: How to add plugin only in full pages?

    Uncheck the “Show in excerpt” , “Show in front page” and other check boxes in the “Placement” tab (7th tab) .

    in reply to: Polish translation

    In the wp-config.php file (present in the root), you have to change


    define (‘WPLANG’, ”);



    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘ca_ES’);

    where ca_ES is the and wpsr is the domain name.

    in reply to: How To Remove The Word "Share" From Facebook Share Content?

    can you please give the url of the affected page ? thanks …

    in reply to: Polish translation

    thanks for the contribution !!! 😀

    in reply to: Spacing between Blog and buttons

    actually i am unable to space the buttons because… it varies for every theme. So i left it to the user to use it in their own liked way !!

    in reply to: Announcer – Date Format & Blog Feed

    Hello dallisonlee,

    Thanks for using Announcer plugin !

    Both are serious bugs and it is due to code errors in the plugin 🙄 !! It will be soon corrected in the next version.

    A very thanks for the Report !!

    in reply to: Feed Excerpt Problem

    this seems to be a serious problem… this bug is tasked to be checked and reviewed !! thanks for the bugs report

    in reply to: New icons and portals

    Thanks again simivar… these will be implemented soon !

    in reply to: Usage

    Oops… thanks for the Info !! I deactivated my l=plugins and forgot to activate it again !! 🙄

    Now the site works fine !

    You can now see the FAQ section for detailed info.

    Anyway, I Will say the procedure in using this plugin.

    1. Open WP Socializer

    2. You can see a no of tabs like “Addthis”, “Social Buttons”, “Facebook”, “Retweet” etc ..

    3. Click the button tab you want to add eg: “Facebook Button”

    3. Change the necessary settings for the “Facebook Like button”.

    4. Now Click the “Placement” tab.

    5. You will see two textboxes.

    6. We want to place “Facebook like button” which we have configured. So enter the code “{facebook-like}” in any one of the template (1 or 2).

    7. Now check the boxes on the right where you want to show this like button.

    8. And Check the position where it has to be placed

    9. Save the settings.

    10. Thats all !

    Similarly, you can configure the other buttons like retweet, addthis, 16px/32px buttons etc in the respective tabs and use the respective code in the template.

    The “button code” is given below each button settings.

    So just configure …. copy the code …. and paste the code in the template.

    You can use multiple buttons in the same time + HTML tags also !

    FAQs pages

    Cheers ,

    Aakash Chakravarthy

    in reply to: Insert code manually to single.php

    brinformation wrote:


    Actually, you can accomplish this by placing the following php code in your single.php file:

    Works for me! 🙂

    Yup forgot this one !! 🙄

    in reply to: Install Issues

    good to hear … currently i am busy with my website’s new revision of theme and speed. so i am not able to concentrate on WP Socializer’s update. But soon the bugs posted in this forum will be corrected !!

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