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    I have an issue with the Followbar.
    I’ve added a link using the HTML CODE, and I’ve used a link to a SVG icon from IconFinder.
    The link worked, and the Followbar works, but now when I click on Open Editor, instead of open the editor it shows my website with a 404 error.
    I’ve tried to disable and enable again the followbar but the settings remain.
    I’ve searched on my database for the plugin table but I didn’t find it, where are the settings stored to edit it manually?

    Hi Claudio84,

    Can you please create a temporary administrator username and password your website address to me ?


    I’ll fix the issue for you.
    I’ll also identify what caused it.



    Hi Aakash,
    thank you for your reply but I like to fix issue by myself, I fixed it using your Import/Export settings page, I’ve deleted the template crypted text for the followbar settings leaving it blank and reimported all the code.

    I’ll write you the procedure to reproduce the issue:
    1. Choose Custom HTML in the Followbar (I’ve set it as the latest social of my links)
    2. I’ve linked to my dailymotion account
    3. I’ve used a custom SVG link for the icon, taken from iconfinder
    The first one of this list:
    I’ve clicked on the icon, then choose SVG and then clicked on copy Base64 SVG.
    Then I pasted the full code to the icon inside your plugin.
    It worked, but since then I can’t edit anymore my followbar.

    Hope this can help you to solve this issue, Best regards and thank you for this great wordpress plugin.


    Hi Claudio,

    Good that it worked.
    Base64 encoded is a ver long text and it is not tested and not recommended.
    The best way is to link to the SVG file.

    Cheers !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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