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  • in reply to: LIKE button posting to Facebook?

    The like button will post. It will be a small post and it will be somewhere in your profile or the person who clicks. So it will not open and big. You should see the facebook page for more details.

    in reply to: Code looks different in the preview than in the Post

    The preview just shows a sample view of the output. The output may differ from the preview because due to the theme style.

    Also, gigya code is not to be used within posts. It should be used in widgets, other area expect the post area.

    The lines are due to your sites theme.You should try using it somewhere else. Shortcoder is used only for inserting code within posts.

    You should use this plugin made only for Gigya :

    in reply to: Duplicate post when this plugin enabled

    what theme you r using ?

    in reply to: Email link separates words with + in subject

    I think it takes 2-3 weeks for completion and 1 week for complete documentation. If the plugin causes a serious effect on your site, then be free to use an alternative. Also subscribe to the RSS Feeds for the new release.

    Best regards,


    in reply to: Email link separates words with + in subject

    Thanks for using my plugin. This is a known issue. But note that it is just the first version of the plugin. The version of this plugin corrected all these bugs and it is enhanced with features for more customization also. So please stay in touch for the ongoing development.

    Best Regards,

    Aakash Chakravarthy

    in reply to: Duplicate post when this plugin enabled

    This is not the issue with WP Socializer as this plugin does not use any function, filters or actions for modifying the post order, query etc. It can be due to some unnoticed problems with the theme or due to the pubishing.

    Try disabling the plugin and checking the problem

    in reply to: How To Remove The Word "Share" From Facebook Share Content?

    I wondered why this is not working and i am breaking head to solve this problem. So it is due to caching uh ?? No problem. Thanks for using this problem.

    Also note that, facebook is stop distributing the share button. So it is good to switch to the like button.

    in reply to: I need help with Shortcoder!

    I think this is not an issue with Shortcoder wordpress plugin. This is an unrelated topic related to this plugin.

    Anyway, the solution is … you have to add this code to the functions.php file in your theme directory anywhere:


    function shortcode_print_category( $atts ) {
    return single_cat_title();
    add_shortcode( ‘state’, ‘shortcode_print_category’ );

    I’ve not tested but should work.

    in reply to: LinkedIn Issue?

    If you like this plugin… then be free to share this plugin with your friends and clients. Thanks !!

    in reply to: ‘Add to favorites’ button

    Thanks for using this plugin !! The tooltips are localized in version 2 and the bug with the Add to Javascript is corrected. The version 2 is currently on development with more features …. So please stay in touch

    in reply to: Feed Excerpt Problem

    The new version has lots of new features which you will not expect like shortcodes, widgets, integration, 104 social buttons, 10 new button codes, redesigned admin page and developer enabled source code and more …. its currently breaking my head 🙄 not sure when it will be released . It will be released only when a video tutorial, promotion video, featured page are created .. So you have to wait for 2 – 3 weeks

    in reply to: why extra code visible before addthis button?

    When i saw you website, i didn’t encounter any problem. It looked fine. If the problem occurred, it will be only due to the theme you are using.

    in reply to: URL Shortener

    Instead of, URL shortener is being integrated in version 2. So please stay in touch

    in reply to: Feed Excerpt Problem

    This issue is cleared in the new version 2,which is being developed. So please stay in touch to get the new and advanced WP Socializer with more features

    in reply to: plug-in not showing in chrome

    Its a know issue as it is not working in the newer version of browsers.

    Actually, a new design is being planned for Super RSS Reader with new core script. So i think you have to wait for the new version. I apologize 🙁


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