• Fix: Support for gradient background colors in buttons.
  • Fix: Dedicated close button in popup is visible on small screens.
  • Fix: Invalid CSS value for close button.
  • Fix: Button has fade in effect when auto shown.
  • Fix: External close button is hidden when flyout popup is in open state.
  • PRO: Support for WPML language location rules filter.
  • PRO: Posts of all status are shown in location rules.


  • PRO: Location rules now supports search page.
  • PRO: Visitor condition rule to target by “Geo-location with timezone”.
  • PRO: Visitor condition rules to target by “User locale”.
  • New: Widget box animates when it is opened automatically.
  • Fix: Widget box saved state not working when save duration is set to 0.
  • Fix: Button icon is now aligned correctly in the center.
  • Fix: Button with icon and text was not aligned properly.


  • Fix: “Hide in pages” option hides the widget in the front page.
  • Fix: Button flashes on page load when it is displayed on scroll.


  • Fix: Initial state on mobile option not getting saved.
  • Fix: Additional CSS was not inserted correctly.


  • Fix: Enhancements to input and output data sanitization.


  • New: Feature to save open or closed state of the widget box using cookies.
  • Fix: Minor enhancements to admin form fields.


  • New: Set different initial states for desktop and mobile.
  • New: Verifying device type is not affected by caching plugins.
  • New: Shortcodes are now supported in button texts.
  • New: Widget settings can be tweaked using WordPress filters hook.
  • Fix: Widget box was not fully scrollable when title is set.
  • Fix: Minor rearrangements to admin form fields.


  • PRO: Option to close widget box when clicked outside the popup/flyout.
  • PRO: Visitor conditions – To match URL with a text.
  • PRO: Visitor conditions – Based on no. of times an user has visited the site.
  • PRO: Visitor conditions – Based on no. of times an user has logged in.
  • New: Dedicated close button for the widget box.
  • New: Option to automatically close widget box after some time.
  • New: Enhancements to fields in admin settings.
  • New: Widget box does not open automatically when it is closed manually.
  • Fix: Support for WordPress 5.8
  • Fix: “Terms of post” criteria was not checking the post type.


  • New: Updated widget box shadow.
  • New: Administration page and settings are organized into tabs.
  • New: Enhanced admin page forms with images to select options.
  • New: Auto sizing when popup size exceeds screen size.
  • New: Animation preview in admin page.
  • New: Updated to the latest fontawesome icon pack.
  • Fix: Hide issue when animation is none.
  • Fix: Widget wrap tags automatically change upon changing theme.
  • Fix: Removed certain advanced options to change widget structure.
  • New in PRO: Visitor conditions feature.
  • New in PRO: Animations for button idle and on load.
  • New in PRO: Multiple columns inside the widget box.
  • New in PRO: Location rules is split into basic and advanced settings.

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