Note: Ultimate floating widgets PRO is a standalone plugin and it includes more features than the Ultimate floating widgets free version. The documentation of the free version still applies to it. Below FAQ is specific to the PRO version features. You can find the FAQ of the free version here

Q: Are multiple columns feature mobile responsive ?

Yes. On smaller screens multiple columns revert back to single column.

Q: Can multiple columns be enabled for the "Flyout" type ?

Yes. Multiple columns can be enabled for both "popup bubble" and "Flyout" types. Multiple columns work the best when the width of the widget box is large enough to view multiple columns with being very narrow.

Q: Is it possible to target users based on their login status, user role and display the widget box only to them ?

Yes, it is possible. You can use the Visitor conditions feature for this. Just build a rule with the condition "User login status" set to "logged in". Refer the visitor conditions page for detailed example.

Q: Will enabling cache affect the location rules and visitor conditions feature ?

Visitor conditions feature is works entirely on the user’s browser side. So enabling any caching plugins won’t affect and users will be targeted as required. With location rules, the rules are evaluated on the server so when the rules are updated, it is sometimes needed to clear the posts/pages cache using the caching plugin.

Q: Is it possible to change the interval between idle button animation ?

No. Currently as of v2.0 there is no option to adjust the idle button animation interval. It goes on a loop when the animation is complete.

Haven’t got the plugin yet ?

If you haven’t downloaded the plugin yet, please visit the plugin homepage to purchase and download the plugin using the link below.

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