This is my first tutorial in flash and lets start. Follow the steps below to a create motion tween.

Creating a Square:

  1. First, draw a square (or anything you like) using the Rectangle tool (shortcut key-R).

Creating a Movie clip:

  1. Select the square and click the fill color tool to change the color of your figure.
  2. Now select the entire square and press F8 or choose Convert to symbol option from the Modify menu.
  3. A convert to symbol box appears.
  4. Enter a name for your square.(You can also change the type.  can choose either Movie clip,Button,Graphics.)
  5. Press Ok.
  6. Now you got a Movie clip

Creating a Motion tween:

  1. Now you are having a movie clip.
  2. Select the frame in which the movie clip lies.
  3. In the properties window you choose the option “Motion” for “tween”.
  4. Now the frame will change to a light violet color.
  5. Click the frame where the motion has to stop. (When your movie clip lies in the 1st frame then you can click the 10th frame or any other frame.)
  6. Now press F6 or choose “Keyframe” from Insert > Timeline menu.
  7. Next step is to move the movie clip.
  8. Click and drag the movie clip and drop it inside the screen wherever.
  9. Your motion tween is complete!


Press Ctrl+Enter or choose “Test movie” from the control menu. You can see the motion tween. This can be applied to Movie clip, buttons and graphics. Thats all ! See the shape tween.

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