Dragging and dropping a button is very easy in flash. Using this dragging and dropping method, you can create many games, puzzles and more. Follow the steps below to make a button draggable and droppable.

Creating a button :

  1. Create a square and convert it to a button by selecting the square and choosing “Choosing convert to symbol” from the “Modify” menu.
  2. Name the square, choose the type “Button” and click “Ok” from the “Convert to symbol” window.
  3. Your button is now ready.
  4. Below is a sample button created by me.


Instance name for the button :

  1. The main part of this tutorial is to give a “Instance name” for the button.
  2. You can enter the “Instance name” for the button in the “Properties” window (shortcut key- Ctrl+F3).
  3. Enter the instance name for the button as “box”
  4. Here’s a sample picture on how it will look after entering the instance name


Adding some script :

  1. Add the following script to the button in the “Actions” window (shortcut key- F9).
on (press) {
on (release) {

Your draggable button is now created. Press Ctrl+Enter to test the movie. Click and drag the button. Enjoy !


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