It is very easy to make custom mouse in flash 4, MX, 8, CS3 etc

Follow the below steps to create your custom mouse cursor :

Creating a movie clip :

  1. I think so you know to create a simple movie clip. If you don’t know click here to get a brief explanation in creating a movie clip.
  2. The movie clip should be a mouse i.e you should draw a mouse.
  3. You should place the mouse pointer to x-axis=0 and y-axis=0.
  4. Below is a preview of a mouse created by me.
Note the + pointer, your arrow should also be like this.

Adding some script to the movie clip :

  1. When your movie clip is created add the following code to it in the actions window (shortcut key-F9).
onClipEvent (load) {
onClipEvent (mouseMove) {
_x = _root._xmouse;
_y = _root._ymouse;

That’s all, your custom mouse is now created. Press Ctrl+enter or choose “Test movie” from the “Control” menu to see your custom mouse.

If you want the code explanations click here. You can also create a advanced custom mouse also. Click here to get that.

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