Shortcoder v3.4.1 released for WordPress 4.4

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Shortcoder 3.4.1 is released which fixes the compatability issue in WordPress 4.4. Please read further to know more info on this release.

Starting Shortcoder 3.4.1 the syntax for shortcoder is [sc name="your shortcode"]. This is in effect to the shortcode API related changes made in WordPress core which made old the syntax unrecognizable. Version 3.4.1 automatically recognizes the old syntax only in posts where the shortcode is inserted directly in posts and not in widgets or in drag and drop themes modules. Those areas need to be manually replaced from old [sc:my_shortcode] to the new [sc name="my_shortcode"].

Please start using the new syntax for shortcoder [sc name="my_shortcode"] in your posts from now on. Also please try replacing the old syntax to the new one where ever possible ( in widgets, theme modules, posts etc ). Custom attributes work the same way as before.

Why this sudden change ?

WordPress is planning to make a huge change to the Shortcode API in the upcoming versions with a completely new syntax for shortcodes. The changes are being slowly made and WordPress 4.4 is the first version which had some changes for the new syntax to support in future. This is the reason why Shortcoder failed to work in WordPress 4.4

It is expected that the new syntax for WordPress shortcodes will come into effect in version 4.7. So it is a good way to start using the syntax which WordPress recommends from now on. Later when the new syntax comes in WordPress will do the migration of old to new syntax by itself and there won’t be any issues later.

For any help, please post a comment in this page or in the forum

Get the most of this plugin and Happy New Year 2016 !!

Introducing new category: Web resource collections

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I was completely thinking and working for a month to get a best way to list the inspiring design related articles, tutorials and freebies in my site. Finally I got a way of publishing the kind of articles I actually love. The category is called “Collections”. It holds a group of inspiring articles, tools, kits and news which will be useful for designers and a newbie.

The articles are sub-categorized into 3 as News, Tutorials, Freebies and Deals. Each sub-category hold a collection of best design related article published in the web. Issues are planned to be published in a weekly manner. This is a step to prevent the inactiveness of my site. I’m sure the future collection of articles will inspire and be loved by all.

For about 1 month was involved in making this possible in my site. The design is made to be flexible for any sub-category. The articles focus on the preview of the content and the live output seems to look good as I expected.

Meantime planning this section, I was unable to concentrate on my personal projects like my WordPress plugins. WP Socializer was left without an update. I’m sure I’ll come back with pushing updates for all my plugins. I’ll also soon introduce a new framework for WordPress which is currently in documentation process.

Follow the new category for your inspiration just by subscribing to weekly email feature using the form below. Check the first issues in all the three categories. Hope you enjoy this new addition to the site.

Announcing the new revamped Announcer plugin v2.1

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Nearly around 2 years, the Announcer WordPress plugin was left untouched with no new updates. The old version had all the basic features working well. But the interface and coding standards were to be improved. This (version 2.1) has a lot of new updates. It has the latest code standards like my other plugins, a good new interface.

New in v2.1

This version is definitely a worthy upgrade as the coding standards are improved. The notable features are:

  • Admin interface is revamped.
  • Some variables, fields are removed, renamed.
  • Inbuilt styles are added.
  • Improvements are made to the “Top fixed” and “Bottom fixed” positions using jQuery.
  • The styles can be customized with custom colors.
  • The HTML of the announcement can be viewed and edited.
  • Undo, Redo buttons are removed from the WYSIWYG editor.

Demo video

This plugin is next to the Super RSS Reader which too was left without any update for 2 years. Now, most of my plugins are updated to the latest standards an features.

Aakash Web turns 4 years old

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It has been 4 years since now for the launch of Aakash Web and I’m really happy of it. This website was launched just to showcase my crazy Flash Games made during free time. Initially Aakash Web was viewed by only <100 visitors. But now, it turned massive. It is recorded that there is about 584,448 unique page views in a period of 4 years.

Aakash Web - 4th year analytics

As time passed, Aakash Web got showcased with my free projects like plugins for WordPress and jQuery. Also solving support topics in the phpBB forum made me busy.

At the beginning there was only 50 static html pages now Aakash Web has about 1,460 pages including the forum support topics. The best thing to mention is, Aakash Web has a page rank of 5 and it just shows the simple fame of Aakash Web. Alexa’s statistics also impressed me a lot. Moving from the rank 100,000 to 60,598 (approximately) is also not an easy thing. Its all due to the free projects especially WP Socializer and jQuery Collapser are the famous ones.

Ill will be constantly improving the site to serve the world with free goodies and I hope that in the forth coming year these statistics will improve a lot.

Just check out the Facebook fan page for the transformations of the site design and the Wayback Machine shows a live view of the past Aakash Web.

WP Socializer reaches 100,000 downloads !

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Oooo… WP Socializer is my very first plugin to reach One hundred thousand downloads. Its one of my most loved and hard worked plugin, which delivers quality Social bookmarking features for a WordPress site.

This achievement is a really a boost for the future development of this plugin. Here is a small banner for the 100,000 downloads.

WP Socializer One hundred thousand downloads

My next free plugin to reach this level is the HTML Javascript adder plugin, which is currently in the 90,000 mark.

WP Socializer v2.4 is released

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A new version of the WP Socializer plugin which is, the version 2.4 is released with lot of new updates, features and bug fixes. Keeping user’s role in mind, the WP Socializer’s admin page is completely tweaked. It is now very very easy to change the settings. Also, a new share bar is introduced with the plugin. It has two configurable modes. Other notable features are listed below.

New features:

  • Admin UI is completely changed as per users request.
  • Floating share buttons are added.
  • Added a new social bookmarking buttons: Google+, Pinterest & OkNotizie
  • Email button problem is fixed.
  • Send button is included in Facebook.
  • Embed codes are updated for Facebook and StumbleUpon.
  • Removed Google Buzz completely.

Demo Video


This new version can be downloaded directly using the below link.

More information

For more information on this release, check out the plugin’s official homepage.


For any bugs report and usage instructions, use the Aakash Web forum.

Super RSS Reader v2.0 is released

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After a long interval (nearly 2 years) the new version of the Super RSS Reader WordPress plugin is released. In this version, the old flash base is removed and instead the WordPress’s inbuilt RSS engine is used. But there are some super cool features which makes the RSS Widget looks really cool. The features are listed below.

Features in v2.0

  • The messy flash version, admin page is removed. Plugin is kept is simple and the RSS feeds are made to work in all devices.
  • News ticker like effect can be added to the RSS feed items of the widget. This feature uses jQuery and the plugin “jQuery easy ticker”
  • Multiple URLs can be added to a single widget and the feeds are separated in Tabs.
  • Customizable with Inbuilt color styles and with external CSS styles.
  • The no of visible items in the feed can be changed for the ticker effect.

Demo video


This release can be downloaded from the below link.

More information

For more information, screenshots & change log checkout the plugin’s official home page.

Bugs report

If you encounter any bugs with the plugin, you can post a topic in the Aakash Web forum.

Shortcoder v3.0 released

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After a long time, the newest version of the Shortcoder plugin is released. It has a new UI and new Shortcode syntax. This version is really flexible and a worthy download.

This new version will be really useful to all the people. A demo video has been created to show what actually the plugin does.


New features in v3.0

  • New shortcode syntax. The new shortcode syntax is,
    [sc:"shortcode name" param1="value" param2="value" ... ]
  • Easy admin interface, no clusters create shortcodes easily.
  • Visual editor available, so useful for beginners.
  • tinyMCE button available in the editing toolbar so no typing required to insert the shortcode.
  • Globally disable the shortcode when not needed.
  • Can disable the shortcode, showing it to the admins.

Features and Demo video


To download this release use the link below.


HTML Javascript Adder v3.5 released

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The 8th release of the plugin HTML Javascript Adder plugin which is the version 3.5 is released with new features and updated Widget UI.

This version is fast and all the clutters in the previous versions are removed.

New features:

  • Added feature to show the widget in specific pages
  • Added feature to show the widget in specific pages (as per user request –
  • Renamed the old variables, which stored the data.
  • Tweaked the integration with the WP Socializer plugin v2.3 and above (older versions are not detected) .
  • Recoded widget code, widget UI, toolbars, and settings.
  • Updated to AW Quick Tag editor v2.5.
  • Added a inpage widget code preview feature.
  • Added the “textwidget” class to the plugin wrapper for theming support.
  • Removed the “Backlink” (‘?’ mark placed below the first widget, as per user requests).
  • Removed the “AW Latest Updates” dashboard widget.
  • Updated 11 language translation files.

Features Video:


To download HTML Javascript Adder plugin v3.5. Use the link below.

If you have any bug and ideas, post it in the Aakash Web Forum.

WP Socializer v2.0 released

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I am glad to announce that WP Socializer version 2.0 is released with lot of updates and bug fixes. It can downloaded from the WordPress website or using the download button below. The major features of WP Socializer v2.0 is listed below.

Features of version 2.0

  • Insert 105 Social bookmarking buttons with both 16px and 32px button sizes.
  • Insert Addthis and Sharethis buttons of all type.
  • Insert Google +1, Facebook like buttons
  • Insert all Retweet and Digg buttons.
  • Insert StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google Buzz buttons.
  • Buttons can be placed anywhere in a post or in an Excerpt.
  • Position of the buttons can be customized easily and can be placed anywhere in the site using the inbuilt template functions.
  • Shortcodes available for inserting buttons within a post.
  • Can be placed in widgets also.
  • Fast and optimized loading and placement.
  • Number of most used button templates are inbuilt.


Download WP Socializer v2.0 from the link below


Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Bug reports

Please use this Forum for support and bug reports.

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