Top 3 features of announcer WordPress plugin

When you research for an announcement bar WordPress plugin you would have definitely encountered the Announcer plugin.

Announcer is a WordPress plugin to add notification bars or message bars to your WordPress website.

It is one such no-nonsense plugin that provides all the features you need to add notification bars in the free version. You can easily install this just by searching for “Announcer” on your WordPress admin page.

Announcer also offers a PRO version which has even more features to add a little spice.

In this article, I’ll list my top 3 features of the Announcer plugin which you can explore and try on your website.

1 – Multiple Messages in One Notification bar

Multiple announcements in one announcement bar
Multiple announcements in one announcement bar

Ever wondered if it is possible to add multiple messages to one notification bar? It is possible with Announcer PRO plugin.

Instead of adding one static message to your notification bar, you can add multiple messages.

Announcer will display them like a “news ticker” with arrows to click next/previous messages.

This allows you to have only one compact announcement bar which displays different messages.

There is also an option to show one random message every time the visitor opens the page.

This is really a great feature to share fresh notification messages with your visitors and catch their attention.

You can learn more about enabling this feature on the Announcer “multiple messages” documentation page.

2 – Dynamic Display Options

Display options in Announcer
Display options in Announcer

Most notification bar plugins show the announcement immediately as a part of the page itself. Sometimes, visitors may ignore them thinking they are part of the theme.

What if, the announcement bar is displayed dynamically after some time or after the visitor has scrolled certain parts of the page?

With Announcer plugin, this can be configured. This feature is available in the free version itself.

You can select this behavior under the “Display” tab of the plugin settings page.

When you select “After a duration”, the announcement bar will be displayed after certain seconds/minutes.

When “After page scroll” is selected, the announcement bar will be displayed when the user has scrolled x% of the page.

You can read the getting started guide to display the announcement bar to install and configure the plugin step-by-step.

3 – Display Announcement Message to Targeted Visitors

Visitor conditions feature in Announcer PRO
Visitor conditions feature in Announcer PRO

My 3rd best feature of Announcer plugin is “Visitor conditions”. With this feature, you can display the announcement bar to only certain visitors based on certain conditions.

This feature is available in the PRO version.

There are multiple benefits to displaying targeted notification messages.

One simple scenario is, let’s say you want to show a discount code to users who are coming to your website from a Google search.

Another scenario is you may want to display announcements only to users who visit from a mobile device.

There are many such scenarios where you might need to target users. This is one of the best way to gather eyes and drive sales.

Announcer PRO offers more such conditions like Referrer, Cookie, Query parameters, Browser, Operating system, Device type, User logged in status, User role, URL, Number of times a user has logged in, and Number of times a user has visited the site.

You can learn more about these conditions on the Visitor conditions documentation page.


I hope this article was helpful in uncovering some of the top features of the Announcer plugin.

Install the Announcer plugin and get started by mixing and matching these features to enhance the user experience.

Feel free to share any comments in the comment box below.

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