jQuery – Conditioner plugin

Conditioner is a jQuery plugin to conditionally display elements based on an input element value. It has inline-options feature which allows to do this very easily, something similar to angular JS’s ng-if feature.

jQuery easy ticker plugin

jQuery – Easy ticker plugin

Easy ticker is a jQuery plugin to add news ticker like vertical scroll effect to lists. It is highly customizable, flexible with lot of features and works in all browsers.

jQuery – Selected Text Sharer

Jquery selected text sharer is a promoting and enhancing plugin focusing to increase the site usage. This plugin displays a widget having links to search / share, above the selected text. Inspired from NY times website.

jQuery – Collapser plugin

Collapser is a jQuery plugin for collapsing/truncating an element text by words, characters and lines. It is an all in one plugin with multiple functionalities to truncate a paragraph or any element as desired.