Collapser is a small and useful jQuery plugin for collapsing/truncating an element text by words, characters and lines with a flexible API. It is an all in one plugin with multiple functionalities to truncate a paragraph or any element as desired.


  • Four modes of operation
    • Truncate text by characters
    • Truncate text by words
    • Truncate text by lines
    • Show/hide element
  • HTML content present in the elements are preserved during the operation.
  • Simple and flexible API for using in varied applications.
  • Display remaining string count in the show/hide button.
  • No complicated syntax or alterations required, can be used readily.
  • Light weight only 4KB after minification.
  • Works in all browsers. Tested till IE 7 and it works !


jQuery Collapser source is hosted in Github. Use the link below to download the entire package.

jQuery collapser screenshot


Plugin documentation is moved to a seperate page. Documentation page

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