jQuery easy ticker is a news ticker like plugin, which scrolls the list infinitely. It is highly customizable, flexible with lot of features and works in all browsers.


  • Two directions available (Up and down).
  • Can be targeted on any template.
  • Flexible API for extending to various applications.
  • Supports ‘easing’ functions.
  • Mouse pause feature available.
  • The speed of the transition can be changed.
  • Controls can be added in order to Play/pause or move the list Up and down.
  • Cross browser support.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Light-weight (4 Kb – Full source / 2.7 Kb – Minified source).

WordPress plugin

This plugin is used in Super RSS Reader – WordPress plugin to ticker the RSS feeds present in the sidebar. You can try this WordPress plugin in your WordPress site.


Click the button below to view the example and demonstrations of jQuery easy ticker plugin.


jQuery easy ticker source is hosted in Github. Use the link below to download the entire package.


Basic Usage

  • Include jquery.js and jquery.easy-ticker.js files to the page
  • Attach the plugin to the elements needed with the easyTicker function.



<div class="ticker1">
	<div class="innerWrap">
		<div class="list"> List 1 </div>
		<div class="list"> List 2 </div>
		<div class="list"> List 3 </div>
		<div class="list"> List 4 </div>

<div class="ticker2">
		<li> List 1 </li>
		<li> List 2 </li>
		<li> List 3 </li>
		<li> List 4 </li>

jQuery code

$('.ticker1, .ticker2').easyTicker({
	direction: 'up',
	easing: 'swing',
	speed: 'slow',
	interval: 2000,
	height: 'auto',
	visible: 0,
	mousePause: 1,
	controls: {
		up: '',
		down: '',
		toggle: '',
		playText: 'Play',
		stopText: 'Stop'

Available properties


This property determines the direction of movement of the list. Values: up & down. Default: up


The easing property allows to add some easing effects to the transition using the easing function available from the Easing plugin. Just download and include the plugin in the page and give the required easing function name as value. Default: ‘swing’. Check out the demo to get an example.


This property determines the speed of transition. Values: slow, medium, fast or any value in milliseconds.


The time for the next transition to take place. Values: time in milliseconds. Default: 2000 (2 seconds delay for next transition)


The height of the element can be controlled by this property. If the height is set to auto, the height is automatically determined to fit the list. Exact values like 200px or 300px can also be set. Default: auto.


The number of visible elements of the list can be set to this property. Values: 0 (display all) or any specific count like 1, 2, 3 etc. Default: 0


The timer can be stopped when the mouse rolls over the element. Values: 0 – Disable mouse pause & 1 – Enable mouse pause. Default: 1


The controls property is used to assign the elements which control the transition. The value is an object with the following properties.

  • up – The element to do a “Up” transition. Value: any element selector
  • down – The element to do a “Down” transition. Value: any element selector
  • toggle – The element to “Play/Pause” the transition. Value: any element selector

    Note: A class named et-run is added to the “toggle” element when the transition is in on-state

  • playText – The text of the toggle button, when the ticker is running.
  • stopText – The text of the toggle button, when the ticker is stopped.
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  • Jean Michael

    Love the plugin – but when I run on iPad, I have to click somewhere on the page before it begins rotating. Tried firing a click() but it wants me to click it still. Clues?

    • The timer is activated only when the window is active. A bug occurs when you move to other tab. So, the timer is activated only when the current window is activated.

    • Jeremy

      To add to Aakash’s comment (which didn’t really include an answer to your question), observe that his code checks the “data-focus” attribute in the body element. So, to get it running when your page loads, simply do this to your : and you should be golden (though I’m sure that 5 months later you’ve moved on).

      • Jeremy

        Uuhm, stripping html? Unable to edit reply? lol… Lemme try again: add >data-focus=1< to your body tag.

  • Psaibhushan

     I really like the plugin…But in the demo5 you have in demo,I want the default to be pause…..Can you please help me out???

  • Rudolf Horbas

    jquery.easy-ticker.min.js (downloaded today) appears not to be working, jquery.easy-ticker.js does!

    • zizther

       I think it is something to do with the compression. Get the uncompressed version and compress it yourself to get around this.

  • MJ

    I’m new to wordpress and plugin options. I tried having this plugin installed through the zip file but wordpress gave me an error saying it wasn’t a plugin. I’ve looked through the documentation and at the comments but I’m not understanding how to “attach” this item  to the super rss reader. Can you provide me with detailed installation instructions?

  • noucamp84

    how to create run once

  • zizther

    This is great, Thanks!

  • covidercom

    Hi. I m using the plugin and i m refreshing the html in the list thru Ajax call.After the list is loaded it does not scroll. Any idea??

  • Jaifahr

    Good plugin, but a semi-colon miss in the minified version.

  • Gerald

    I get the following error on my page (IE9, FF): Message: Unable to set value of the property ‘puff’: object is null or undefined
    Any idea?

  • Caspar

    Hi there, I like this plugin. It feels a lot more modern and capable than a lot of news tickers out there but I’m not sure I can use it on my site as: I need the up and down controls but when I use them, the scrolling continues, so they sort of ‘fight’ with the default scrolling. Is there any way to get them to pause? Pausing temporarily to a configurable time would be amazing. If you could do this soon I could use it and would definitely donate.

    • Hi Aakash, thanks very much again for taking the time to write the plugin then giving it away to all of us. I have hacked your plugin to disable the controls while the move function is working (until the animate callback). That has stopped the strange jumping around that was happening before. Let me know if you want to see it.

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  • Peter van Schaik

    can you show a complete code example for using UP and DOWN buttons.

  • mvprsir

    not downloading

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  • crashedbyme

    Hi, thanks for the plugin but mousepause is not working.

  • revital

    where is the css file for the ticker?

  • Will Belden

    Finally….a simple vertical scroller for jQuery that was SIMPLE and let me style how I like. Thanks so much!

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  • Nguyễn Đại Nghĩa

    Please add this one option, for working with table structure: target

    if (s.opts.target) {
    s.targ = $(el).find(s.opts.target);
    } else {
    s.targ = $(el).children(‘:first-child’);

  • CBride

    It’s a very nice plugin but I couldn’t make it like in demo – text next to image. I don’t know why but it breaks in newline under the image always..

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  • Christopher Patrick Foley

    Hi – Is there any way to scroll more than one item at a time (e.g. move 4 items at a time)?

  • how about horizantal scroll?

  • Vibol

    Nice jquery plugin! But i don’t want the last list item to have FadeIn animation, just want it to show up as it’s scrolled. How to do? Thank for helping.

  • Jason McIntosh

    I love this plugin, very easy to use. I have an issue with the plugin. I have added a google chart in one of the ticker list items (li), when I hover over the chart and then mouseout it does not restart the ticker. Any suggestions?

  • Agent156

    Hi. I’ve been trying to implement your plugin but I am having problems with speed/transition variations causing it to “hiccup”. It will either jitter-jump a couple lines and repeat the first item from the previous scrolling before scrolling up, or if I take transition down to “0” it will go haywire and scroll everything in rapid succession so fast it cannot be read at all, this in spite of setting speed as slow as possible. I don’t like the stop effect caused by the transition delay; how can I eliminate this without wrecking how the scrolling functions? What I want is to display 4 items at a time, scrolling up, that scroll smoothly and continually (no transition “pause” though mouse pause is good) yet slowly enough so the reader can read any of the items, which may contain up to three full lines of text.

    Help me out please?

  • MyName

    Hi. I cant import the function in my cmsms project??? I copy the files in a seperate folder. I put the path in my template. when i copy the html script an the jquery code in a blank site, its only visible the code, but not the function? what is wrong? thanks a lot for help ….

  • Giovanna

    destroy it’s possible?

  • David Gonzalez

    Hi!, excellent plugin, but I find a bug, if you add controls to the ticker, it take the enter key to go the next one, if you hold the enter key will load the ticker and return to the first very fast, if you keep holding, in some point, the ticker stays blank. Maybe do you have a workaround? Thanks Again.

  • Fermin Rosario

    I am a newbie to all of this but I am trying to implement it on a development site. Can someone send me instructions on how to? [email protected]

  • slider_user

    Hello!, excellent plugin but when mousePause set to 0 up and down option pause silder
    what should do

    • This should not happen. Mouse pause will happen only when it is set to 1
      Otherwise it should not pause when mouse is over it. Please try again.