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  • Light weight.
  • Cross browser support.
  • No CSS and programming knowledge required.
  • Can add unlimited slides.
  • Play/Pause feature.
  • Can slide any element any where.
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Click the button below to view the example and demonstrations of lite content slider plugin.


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Basic Usage

	content : '.sliderContent',	// The sliding content selector. Can be a list also. eg:li
	width : 760,			// Width of the slider
	height : 300,			// Height of the slider
	autoplay : true,		// Autoplay the slider. Values, true & false
	delay : 3,			// Transition Delay. Default 3s
	buttonsClass : 'buttons',	// Button's class
	activeClass : 'active',		// Active class
	controlBt : '.control',		// Control button selector
	playText : 'Play',		// Play text
	pauseText : 'Stop'		// Stop text

Steps in creating a slider

  1. Include Jquery and this plugin to the document head.
  2. Create a wrapper for the sliding contents with <div> or <span> of any class / ID . eg: .sliderWrap
    <div class="sliderWrap">
  3. Create as many sliding contents within the main wrapper of same class eg: .sliderContent
    <div class="sliderWrap">
         <div class="sliderContent">
              Content 1 goes here
         <div class="sliderContent">
              Content 2 goes here
         <div class="sliderContent">
              Content 3 goes here
         <div class="sliderContent">
              Content 4 goes here
  4. Attach the plugin to the slider wrapper, with the property content to the class of the sliding element.

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