You can schedule announcements (message bars or banners) to show within a time frame and they will be displayed to users only during that time. Using this feature you can configure announcements ahead for things like seasonal sales, reminders for your users etc.

Schedule announcements using Announcer WordPress plugin


Announcer uses cookies to know if users have closed the announcement message or not. With this feature announcements can be re-displayed or can remain closed. This is useful for retargeting users.

Retarget announcements or messages to users using Announcer WordPress plugin

Call-To-Action buttons

With announcer plugin you can add Call-To-Action buttons easily to your announcements. You can point it to a link, close the announcement or do whatever. You can also add multiple CTA buttons.

Announcements with call to action buttons using Announer WordPress plugin

More features

PRO features

These features are available only in the PRO version which further enhances the announcement experience.

Spice up your announcements 🙂 Awesome !
Animate and get the eyes
and engage your users easily Super 👍


Want to grab the attention of your announcements ? With announcer PRO you can add animation to your CTA buttons and funky transitions to the bar when they open/close

You can also configure to repeat the animation with a delay.

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Add countdown timer to your announcements in WordPress using announcer

Countdown timer

Display a countdown timer next your announcements to notify your users. You can customize the countdown timer as you want.

Select a date, time to countdown and you have an easy way to add beautiful count to your announcements.

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Target visitors to certain announcements in WordPress

Visitor conditions

With visitor conditions feature you can target visitors based on conditions like referrer, browser, OS, device type, user login status, user role and more !

You can build your own rules with and/or conditions and target your visitors as you like.

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An announcement inserted inside a post using shortcode with Announcer WordPress plugin


With PRO version you can insert your announcement anywhere on your website using Shortcode like post/pages or even in theme templates directly.

You can simply use the shortcode [announcer id="123"]

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The complete feature list to help you display powerful and engaging announcements.

Multiple announcements

No restrictions on number of announcements in a page. Show how much ever you need.


When multiple announcements are in page, they stack and do not overlap.


You can schedule announcements to show within a time frame and they popup only during that time.

Positions in page

Announcements can be placed at top, bottom of the page with option to stick it to the window.

Visible content

When announcements are sticky they do not hide the content. Content is auto-padded.

CTA buttons

Add Call-To-Action buttons easily. Point it to a link, close or do whatever.


Re-display announcements or hide permanently using cookies. Useful for retargeting.

Any message

Display anything in the message like HTML, shortcodes etc.

Mobile responsive

The announcements are responsive to small screens and looks good on smaller screens.

Customize as needed

Customize colors of the announcement, CTA buttons, layout, alignment and more.

Supports any theme

Announcer is not theme specific. It uses styling which adapts and works well with all themes.

Location rules & Visitor conditions PRO

Insert your announcements only on desired pages using your own rules and target specific visitors.

Animation PRO

Add animation to CTA buttons and grab attention to your messages.

Countdown timer PRO

Add countdown timer to your announcements of various style and custom colors.

Shortcode PRO

Insert the announcement anywhere on your website with a simple shortcode.


Live demo

Display professional looking announcements and boost user engagement

Display promotions like coupons, during season sales.

Display cookie consent message.

Display welcome message.

Display privacy policy notes.

Display terms and conditions changes.

Display forms like “email newsletter” using shortcodes of wpforms, mailchimp etc.

Display sharing icons, links.

Display messages like COVID-19 updates to visitors.

Features Free PRO
Multiple announcements
CTA buttons
Re-targeting using cookies
Location rules
Button animation
Countdown timer
Visitor conditions
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Actively used in over 3,000+ websites

With an average user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

21 real ratings

Superbly designed & Great Support

by @anametheus

I’ve gone through many notification plugins and most of the free ones are either badly designed, with zero support upon contact & may not work as advertised, while others offer a bunch of features but with expensive monthly subscriptions & ridiculously aggressive marketing. Announcer not only works but offers a ton of features for the free version with a beautiful intuitive design, while its developer being quick to respond to inquiries and really helpful with their suggestions. I look forward to how Announcer develops and have come to appreciate all the other plugins this developer offers.

Worked as advertised!

by @themightymo

I tried a few other banner plugins but none of them did what I needed: multiple banners displaying conditionally on specific pages. Announcer got the job done – thank you! A+




  • License for 1 site
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features
  • Automatic updates for 1 year



  • License for 10 sites
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features
  • Automatic updates for 1 year



  • License for unlimited sites
  • Lifetime basic support
  • All PRO features
  • Automatic updates for 1 year

Have questions ?


What exactly is Announcer PRO ?

Announcer PRO is the premium version of the popular Announcer WordPress plugin free version. It is a standalone plugin which includes more advanced features and options to display announcements, messages in a WordPress site.

Is there a free version available for the plugin which I can try before purchasing ?

Yes, there is a free version available without PRO features. You can download the plugin from the WordPress repository.

What happens after a purchase is complete ?

You will receive an email with a link to download the plugin. The email also contains the “license key” which you have to use to activate the plugin for automatic plugin updates.

If you have opted to create an account during the checkout process, you can login to your account and download the plugin and get the license key.

If in case you are not able to download the plugin or get the license key, please contact with the order ID and we will send you the details.

What about payments ?

We use PayPal as the payment gateway. You can make payment using the regular payment features offered by PayPal. Once the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to this website where you can find the order confirmation and details to download the plugin.

How does the license key work ?

After a successful order you will receive a unique license key which should be applied in the WordPress admin area after installing and activating the plugin. Once the license key is activated, the plugin will receive automatic updates for 1 year. You can activate the same license key on the particular number of sites based on the type of license purchased.

Do you offer refunds ?

Since plugins are digital products they are non-tangible. We really want you to be happy with the plugin. In case of any issues please try to resolve it with us. But for any reason we are not able to resolve the issue we would offer a refund within 14 days of purchase. If you have any query prior to purchasing the plugin, please feel free to contact us ! View full terms here.

Can I upgrade my license ?

Currently there is no self access way to upgrade the license. But you can contact us with the order details and I can provide a coupon code to deduct the difference amount which you can use to order the new license you want.

What kind of support is offered ?

Plugin support is available via the support forum and documentation. You can log in and post a ticket in the forum. You can also send an email via contact form for direct support.

I have purchased the plugin, now what ?

You will receive an email with the download link and the license key. Please follow the installation documentation to get started.

I have more questions

No worries ! You can always contact us with your query. For anything plugin related, please do have a look at the plugin documentation

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