• PRO: Option to hide countdown timer elements.
  • New: Location rule to target by WPML language.
  • New: Location rule to target search page.
  • New: Location rule to select all post statuses.
  • Fix: Ticker scroll was abrupt when using images.
  • Fix: Background image URL not set correctly.
  • Fix: Added nonce to admin ajax call.


  • PRO: Visitor condition rule to target by “Geo-location with timezone”.
  • PRO: Visitor condition rules to target by “User locale”.
  • Fix: Call to Action button supports relative URLs.
  • Fix: Misc CSS enhancements to CTA button and message style precedence.
  • Fix: Misc admin UI enhancements.
  • Fix: New close, left and right arrow icons.
  • Fix: PHP warnings at some places.


  • New: Horizontal ticker feature.
  • Fix: Font size and color of the bar is now strictly applied.
  • Fix: Bar padding is adjusted when close button is enabled.
  • Fix: padding key not found warning message.
  • Fix: “Add new message” button did not work when visual editor was selected.


  • New: Visual editor enabled for the announcement message.
  • Fix: Padding value not honored.


  • New: nofollow attribute can be added to buttons.
  • New: Option to add a button to multiple messages at once.
  • New: Options to assign buttons to 30 messages.


  • Fix: Enhancements to input and output data sanitization.


  • PRO: Duplicate announcement feature.
  • New: Option to close announcement when a link inside message is clicked.
  • Fix: Minor admin UI enhancements.


  • PRO: Multiple messages feature.
  • New: Option to set background image for the bar
  • Fix: Moved “layout” options to a separate tab in the admin settings.
  • Fix: Minor admin UI color enhancements.


  • PRO: Visitor conditions – To match URL with a text.
  • PRO: Visitor conditions – Based on no. of times an user has visited the site.
  • PRO: Visitor conditions – Based on no. of times an user has logged in.
  • New: “Custom” display option to open the announcement as needed using JS API.
  • New: New option to add extra padding to the announcement bar.
  • Fix: Apostrophe not saved when button text is CTA.
  • Fix: jQuery exception when trying to add padding when admin bar is shown.
  • Fix: Disable autocomplete for the schedule date picker.
  • Fix: “Terms of post” criteria was not checking the post type.
  • Fix: Minor enhancements to admin settings field.


  • New: Announcement can be scheduled with time.
  • New: Timezone can be selected for scheduling the announcement.
  • New: A mini editor is included to add HTML to announcement message.
  • New: Option to order announcement when they are stacked.
  • Fix: Preview not working.
  • Fix: Announcement message with slashes was not working in preview.
  • Fix: Close icon now has a text on hover.
  • Fix: Announcement reopens when display on page scroll is selected.


  • New: Preview announcements before publishing.
  • New: Can enter title/hover text for CTA buttons.
  • New: Quick toggle switch to activate/deactivate the announcements.
  • New: Custom taxonomies and terms can now be selected in location rules.
  • New: Close announcement option upon clicking CTA button.
  • New: Announcement message is switched to a plain text box rather than rich editor to avoid unwanted formatting.
  • Fix: Undefined index cta_buttons upon saving the announcement with no buttons.
  • Fix: Replace PHP constant __class__ to __CLASS__.
  • Fix: Issue with display on page scroll.
  • Fix: Optimized responsiveness for smaller screens.
  • New in Pro: Animation support for CTA buttons and announcement bar.
  • New in Pro: Visitor conditions feature to target users.
  • New in Pro: Shortcode support.
  • New in Pro: Countdown timer.

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