Adding sound to library:

  1. Press Ctrl+L to open the library window.
  2. Drag and and drop a sound file from your computer folder.
  3. Your sound file is now added to the flash document.

Another way of adding sounds,Images and other things:

  1. Choose “Import to library” option from the File > Import menu.
  2. Choose the file which you want to add to your flash document.
  3. That’s all your file is added to the flash document.

Adding sound to a frame:

  1. Now click the frame where the sound has to come.
  2. In the properties window Choose the sound file you have imported.
  3. Adjust the fade in and fade out , Repeat,loop options.
  4. That’s all now you have added sound to a frame.


Press Ctrl+Enter or choose “Test movie” from the control menu. You will hear the sound when you enter the frame.

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