Display RSS feed in random order in WordPress

How to Display RSS feeds in Random Order in WordPress

WordPress provides an inbuilt widget using which we can display RSS feed in the sidebar or footer. It is sufficient, to begin with, but it lacks features when compared to the features offered by other WordPress plugins. Let’s say you want to display the RSS feed in random order. ...

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add animation to announcements in WordPress

How to Add Animation to Announcements in WordPress

Adding a notification bar would be the first step to sharing a message with your visitors. What if you can enhance this notification bar by adding small animations or transition effects? In this article, I will use the Announcer WordPress plugin and show how to add a notification bar ...

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Add RSS feed widget to WordPress

How to Add RSS feed widget in WordPress

Do you have an RSS feed of another website that you want to display on your website? There are multiple ways to display the RSS feeds in WordPress. Below are some of the ways, Using WordPress widgets on the sidebar, and footer. Using Shortcode to display anywhere like inside ...

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How to add sticky message bar in WordPress

How to add Sticky Message Bar in WordPress

Are you running a promotional event and do you want to share the discount coupon code? Do you want to greet your visitors with a welcome message?  These are the most common reasons for adding an announcement bar also called a notification bar on a website. These message bars ...

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How to display coupons in WordPress

How to display Coupon Code in WordPress

Are you running a sale on your WordPress website? Do you want to share the discount coupons you have created? In this article, we will see how to easily share this coupon at the top of the page. Using a Notification Bar Plugin like Announcer I’ll be using Announcer ...

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Best free RSS widget plugin for WordPress

Best free RSS feed Widgets for WordPress

RSS feeds are one of the best ways to be up to date on a website’s content. Just know the RSS feed of a website, subscribe to that URL using an RSS feed reader and the reader just shows the feed contents. What if you want to display that ...

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add countdown timer to message bar in Wordpress

How to add an Announcement with Countdown Timer

Are you running a sale in your shop? Do you want to share the discount coupon code and let your visitors know how long the sale is running? Do you want to remind your visitors to register for an event? These are only some examples. To get this done, ...

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