A Quality Image and flash slideshow gadget with highly customizable control panel, fullscreen, printing a image. Plays the files with high quality with no pixels, even in higher resolution. Autohiding control panel. Fit for even 300×200 resolution. No "Aakash Web" water marks or logo overlay. Completely fits personal and fasts embeding needs.

Press the four arrow button to view in full screen and experience the gallery.


  • Ultimate XML slideshow image gallery.
  • Highly customizable Slide show with customizable control panel style, buttons show/ hide facilities and more.
  • Attractive tweening background color for each image .
  • Light weight (only 20 kb) .
  • Plays the pictures with high quality.
  • Can play SWF Files also.
  • Fullscreen facilities.
  • Can control the seconds delay of the images.
  • Hideable control panel.
  • This slide show fits any needs with the customizable options.
  • Easily embeddable using the setup.
  • Easily createable XML file.
  • No "Aakash Web" water marks or logo overlay. Completely fits personal and fasts embeding needs.
  • Two styles for control panel.
    XML Image Slideshow with thumbnails - Control Panel Style - 1 - Aakash Web
    Control panel style 2


Download the package by using the link below.

(XML Image Slideshow with Thumbnail gallery, 20.5 KiB, 1,026 hits)

Setup – Get embed code

After downloading the gadget, upload the files to your server and use the setup wizard to get your embed code or swfobject code for placing the gadget in your website. Click the link below to launch the setup wizard.

Flashvars used :

Below is the list of flashvars used by this gadget. You can use this list for editing or creating the embed code yourself.

Flashvars Value  Description 
xmlfile Complete URL of the XML file. The URL of the slideshow’s XML file for playing the images
BgTween True or False Disable or enable background color tweening.
HidePrintButton True or False Show the print button or hide it
ControlPanelStyle 1 or 2 Style number of the control panel
FullScreenButtonOpacity Any number between 0 to 100 Transparency of the full screen toggling button