A Powerful FLV Player with a flexible playlist with easy embedding format. No javascript required. Low weight. Play any low quality videos without any pixels in high quality. Highly customizable according to your needs ,with a crystal control bar and a crystal playlist.


  • Free FLV Player.
  • Plays videos with no pixels, and with high quality.
  • Flexible Playlist.
  • Playlist with title, duration, description.
  • Easy to create playlist.
  • Easy embeddable flv player.
  • Fit for Playing all types of videos.
  • Powered with Fullscreen mode.
  • Customizable Crystal Control Panel, with all types of colors.
  • Color changeable Button, Sliders.
  • Autohiding Control Panel.
  • Can show preview image for videos.
  • Enabled to play FLV files online using "Open FLV file window".
  • Really Weightless Video player – just 26 kb.
  • No need of uploading a javascript file(s).
  • Acts as a desktop FLV player also
  • A single swf files can be used to play flv files online.
  • Can play videos from video sharing sites like metacafe.
  • Easy to embed using the setup.


Download the package by using the link below.

(FLV Player, 12.2 KiB, 0 hits)

Setup – Get embed code

After downloading the gadget, upload the files to your server and use the setup wizard to get your embed code or swfobject code for placing the gadget in your website. Click the link below to launch the setup wizard.

Flashvars used :

Below is the list of flashvars used by this gadget. You can use this list for editing or creating the embed code yourself.

Flashvars Value  Description 
ControlPanelColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Color of the control panel
ButtonAndSliderColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Buttons and slider color
video Complete URL of the .flv file URL of the video file. The URL can be the URL of a .flv file or any URL which outputs the flv file
PreviewImage Complete URL of the preview image. URL of the preview image of the video
PlaylistURL Complete URL of the .xml playlistfile URL of the video playlist.
autoplay True or False Automatically play the video ehen loaded
ShowPlayListButton True or False Show/Hide playlist button on top
ShowPlayListAtStartup True or False Show/Hide playlist at startup

Note :

You can play files from youtube and metacafe and other video sites by converting the URL of their video suitably . Some examples are given below. Copy the converted URL from below and paste it in "Open FLV file window" in the flv player. You can play the video here.


Youtube video is converted by keepvid and metacafe video by javimoya