Really super Flash based RSS Reader with fast, secure and RSS feeds load. Also fully customizable comes with an in built subscribe menu, open URL menu and more. Users can add 5 tabs with different RSS feeds and customize it. See features for more features.


Light Weight

Super RSS Reader is just 13.5 kb with all the facilities to customize and also with in built Tab system.


This RSS Reader load the RSS Feeds you want securely using Proxy file. Just choose the type of proxy file you need for website and get the feeds securely with accuracy.


Super RSS Reader is really fast in reading large number of feeds with images. It exactly displays the feed loaded amount in a small black glassy window. So easy to track !


In Built Tabs

In built tab system is a new feature to Super RSS Reader with the ability to Five tabs with different tab names and RSS Feed urls.

Also easy tab scrolling facilties with the choice of changing the scroll types.


WordPress Integration

Super RSS Reader is built with wordpress integration. Click here to get the wordpress plugin.

Highly Customizable

Not a joke, in this RSS Reader you can customize everything you want from top to bottom. Change the color of the title and description bar, font, size, background images, show/hide windows and more just to make the RSS Reader completely fit your site.

Scrolling Title Bar Texts

Now you no need to worry about RSS feeds having long title and descriptions. When the user moves the cursor over the title bar the text get automatically scrolled. Its simple but for fun.

In Short …

  • Fast loading of RSS Feeds.
  • Secure loading of RSS Feeds from any websites using Proxy file.
  • Highly customizable RSS Reader display from colors to images. More than 50 things you can customize yourself for your needs.
  • In built Tab system with the ability to add five tabs with different feed URL’s.
  • Customizable feed links, description, date and other styles using CSS Stylesheet.
  • In built Subscribe menu for easy and fast subscribing to RSS feeds with 11 different subscribing links.
  • Comes with an online URL open box to read any RSS file by any user.
  • Can display rss feeds which contains, links, images, description, date, unordered lists, ordered lists and other.
  • Scrollable title bar and description bar texts.
  • Scrollable tabs.
  • Light weight only 13.5 kb.
  • Suits all websites and blog


Download the package by using the link below.

(Super RSS Reader, 15.2 KiB, 1,830 hits)

Setup – Get embed code

After downloading the gadget, upload the files to your server and use the setup wizard to get your embed code or swfobject code for placing the gadget in your website. Click the link below to launch the setup wizard.

Flashvars used :

Below is the list of flashvars used by this gadget. You can use this list for editing or creating the embed code yourself.

Flashvars Value  Description 
phpURL Complete URL of the loadXML.php file URL of the loadXML.php file
rssUrl Complete URL of the feed URL of the feed
cssUrl Complete URL of the rss-css.css file URL of the rss-css.css file
showTitleAndDescription Yes or No Show/Hide title and description
titleBgColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Title bars’s color
descriptionBgColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Description bar’s color
footerBgColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Footer bar’s color
titleColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Title text color
descColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Description text color
titleBarAlpha Any number between 0 to 100 Title bar transparency
titleAndDescriptionBg Complete URL of any image Background image for the title and description bar
strechTitleImage Yes or No Strech the background image of the title and description bar
borderType round or square Border type of the reader.
shineType Any number between 1 to 7 Title and description bar’s shine type
backgroundImage Complete URL of any image Background image for the feeds displayer
strechBackgroundImage Yes or No Strech the background image of the feeds displayer
displayDate Yes or No Show/Hide date of the feeds
displayDescription Yes or No Show/Hide description of the feeds
showLogo Yes or No Show/Hide logo present in the feed
tab1Name, tab2Name, tab3Name, tab4Name, tab5Name Any text for the tabs Tab’s name
tab1Url, tab2Url, tab3Url, tab4Url, tab5Url Complete URL of the feeds of the respective tabs URL of the feeds
tabScroll mouse or button Scroll type of the tabs bar when overflowed
showUrlBox Yes or No Show/Hide the URL entering box
showSubscribeMenu Yes or No Show/Hide subscribe menu
scrollbarDraggerColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Scroll bar dragger color
scrollbarBarColor Any HEX color without hash (#) Scroll bar background color