Customizable RSS reader with easy embedding technique. Customizable heading, content text, color, link color and more. 336×280 size fits the RSS Reader to the website easily like a google 336×280 advertisement. Displays all RSS with high accuracy .

[sc:flash url=”flash-gadgets/rss-reader-336×280.swf” width=”336″ height=”280″ bgcolor=”#fff” flashvars=”feedurl=″ ]


  • Fully Featured RSS Reader.
  • Enabled to read all types of RSS Formats with high accuracy.
  • Customizable Background color.
  • Customizable Text link color, Content color, Title color and more.
  • Powered with an input box to enter the URL of the RSS feed address.


  • Made to fit any type of website, blog etc.
  • Appears like an advertisement which can fit the sides of any website easily.
  • Easy to embed using the setup.


  • PHP 4 or above.
  • readfile() function should be enabled.


Download the package by using the link below.

(RSS Reader - 336x280, 47.5 KiB, 509 hits)

Setup – Get embed code

After downloading the gadget, upload the files to your server and use the setup wizard to get your embed code or swfobject code for placing the gadget in your website. Click the link below to launch the setup wizard.

[sc:linkBt title=”Launch-Setup” target=”_blank” href=”×280.php”]

Flashvars used :

Below is the list of flashvars used by this gadget. You can use this list for editing or creating the embed code yourself.

Flashvars Value  Description 
feedurl Complete URL of the feed This is the feed’s URL you are about to display
bordercolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Border’s Color
feedshowercolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Background color
pfont Any font name. Paragraph font style
psize Any font size with units Paragraph font size
pcolor Any HEX color with hash (#) Paragraph font color
linkfont Any font name. Link font style
linksize Any font size with units Link font size
linkcolor Any HEX color with hash (#) Link font color
proxyUrl Complete URL of the rssProxy.php URL of the rssProxy.php file

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