A simple analog clock with a small digital clock. Colorful display with a crystal layout. Customizable hands, borders, dial etc. Displays current date also + easily embedable in websites, blogs.

Analog Clock with no background image
Analog clock with background image


  • Round Analog Clock.
  • Comes with a mini digital clock.
  • Customizable crystal Dial.
  • Customizable Clock hands, digital clock color.
  • Can use Background images for dials.
  • Easy to embed using the setup.
  • Perfect and fits for all websites,blogs etc.


Download the package by using the link below.

(Analog clock - 2, 6.0 KiB, 598 hits)

Setup – Get embed code

After downloading the gadget, upload the files to your server and use the setup wizard to get your embed code or swfobject code for placing the gadget in your website. Click the link below to launch the setup wizard.

Flashvars used :

Below is the list of flashvars used by this gadget. You can use this list for editing or creating the embed code yourself.

Flashvars Value  Description 
color1 Any HEX color without hash (#) Dial’s color
color2 Any HEX color without hash (#) Border’s Color
hrcolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Hour hand’s color
seccolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Second hand’s color
mincolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Minute hand’s color
numberscolor Any HEX color without hash (#) Number’s color
digitalclockcolor Any HEX color without hash (#) * Digital clock’s color
bgpicture Complete URL of any picture Background picture for the dial

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