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    Our plugin it’s very good!!!
    But I have one problem with the link…

    This is the website :

    When you try to click on the social media icon, the link it’s not correct… but in admin the “custom URL” it’s OK…

    It’s possible to help me to this ??

    Thanks for your reply.


    Hi Antonio,

    There are two things here.

    1) Floating sharebar – This feature is used to share the active page URL to social networking sites. This is currently used by you.

    2) Follow bar – This feature is used to add social media profile links on the site.

    From your site, I see that you want to use number 2 (follow bar) but you have used number 1 (floating sharebar)

    So I would suggest you to use the “follow bar” feature instead of “floating sharebar” feature.


    Hi Antonio,

    Please do confirm me if the problem has been solved.
    I’m marking this thread as resolved for now.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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