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    Hi Aakash,
    Fabulous plugin. Relying heavily on it for several sites.
    I now encountered an issue on one site that doesn’t happen on another.

    The normal html format coding <div class=”wrap1″>,
    is suddenly replaced by the character entity version: <div class="wrap1">
    throughout the short code (even for former shortcodes that didn’t use to suffer from this).

    Both sites are up to date with latest version 6.0 and the incriminated site used to work perfectly without issues. I see no setting to manage this.

    Kindly advise, Best. WebM


    Sorry the entity version is converted and displays as normal code in my orginal submission.
    I trust you understand what I meant.
    & lt; article class= & quot; wrap1 & quot; & gt;

    Hi there,

    Thanks for using shortcoder plugin.

    This is not expected. It means the plugin is broken.

    I haven’t heard any report similar to this.

    Do you mean if I set the content as <div class=”wrap1″> it is escaped on the output?

    1) Can you please share a screenshot of the shortcode edit page and the page URL where the shortcode is inserted?

    2) can you please confirm if the user editing the the content has admin role?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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