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  • Kurieuo

    This is more a feature request, as I’m sure the parameters can’t be checked. I’d like to be able to use a simply condition on parameters. Minimally, if (isset(%%param%%) ) or if ( %%param%% == “blah” ) …

    Is this possible to do right now, or if not, is it something that could be added to future releases? It’d give the plugin so much more power to create templates.

    Hi, thanks for the idea. This has been proposed by many people and I’m finding some way to do this. It may take some time as I need to design and establish a proper framework for this. I’ll update once if this is implemented.

    Catt Buko

    Any update to this feature request? I want to make a shortcode for a

      with a special class, but I need my client to be able to add as many list items (

    • ) as they need. I can cap it at 10 then make conditionals for if they aren’t used, theoretically. ANy other ideas?

    Hi @catt,

    I understand the need for this feature. But it is basically creating a programming language using 3rd part template engine.

    What I would suggest is, create multiple shortcodes and suggest the customer to use the shortcode depending on the need.
    There is no need to write dynamic shortcode content as the shortcode is inserted manually by the user.
    So the user knows what he is expecting hence the no need to dynamic content.

    If you want dynamic shortcode, you can write it in PHP on your own.
    Please follow the API in this page –


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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