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  • Josef Hordina

    Today in the morning I made upgrade of some plugins on my webpage.
    After that more then 300 articles were completly destroyed.
    It takes me more tham 3 hours ti find problem.
    Problems is here 4.4 New: Insert shortcode automatically adds โ€œclosing tagโ€ if the shortcode has enclosed content parameter.

    It means, that my html tags were completly rewrited and there is no way, how to insetr my tags (yes, I need tags without slosing tags).

    I thing that your plugin is realy wery good, but this functionality is big problem for me.
    Is possible to downgrade?
    Or I will must replace Shortcoder…

    Thank you for quick answer…


    The line you’ve quoted is for different thing.

    Shortcoder does not add anything extra in the shortcode content.
    What you save is what is you get.

    No user have reported such issue.
    Probably some other plugin is causing an issue.

    What is the current version of shortcoder ?
    Can you show screenshot of what is being saved in shortcode content and point out the extra content being added ?

    Josef Hordina

    Hi, thank you for your answer.
    For example:

    This is my html code in Shortcoder:
    <table bgcolor=”#f8f8f8″>

    After saveing it looks like this:
    <table bgcolor=”#f8f8f8″>

    I tried to deactivate “wpautop”, but it doesnt help ๐Ÿ™

    Today I upgradet 4 plugins, but I didnt see, which ๐Ÿ™


    Hi @josef,

    I tried the same code and the tags are not auto closed.

    Please see image below.

    Is it happening everytime you save the above code and then after saving it is autoclosed ?

    If you interested, you can send me your website URL, temprary administrator username and password to my contact form. I’ll login and have a look.



    Josef Hordina

    Ok. You are realy very kind…
    Thank you for your interest.
    I’ll prepare some examples for you tonight and your account.

    Just for your info – I tried to switch off some others plugins (Jetpack, Gutengerg dissable, ssl and some others) , and then I tried to save html tag in shortcoder again, but still the some…
    At this moment I found way – closoling tags are in comment marks (it means <!–) and sometimes it works, but not all the times…

    Have a nice day.

    Josef Hordina

    So… I spent last night with trying to find the fault…
    Finaly I found it.
    I installed WP Rollback plugin and downgraded Shortcoder to 4.6.

    At this time it works.
    Maybe it works like that only with my theme, maybe only on my page… But problem is realy there….

    Josef you mean with shortcoder v5 installed auto closing of tags is not happening when shortcode is saved right ?

    Josef Hordina

    when I use Shortcoder 4.6 everithing is fine.
    When I change to Shortcoder 5.0 and more, html tags are automaticaly closing.
    Surprising is, that my html tags which has been writen before changed with older version of Shortcoder to original version I made…
    I think sometimes it coud be beneficial to improve wrong html tag, but there should be possibility to switch this function off.

    So thank you wery much for your interest. I would be very happy if you let me know some news with this plugin ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi Josef,

    Thanks for using plugin.

    But shortcoder does not auto close HTML tags in any version.
    As you saw auto close didn’t happen as in the screenshot I shared.

    Probably some other plugin/theme is auto closing.

    Many new features will be added to the plugin going forward.

    If you interested, you can send me your website URL, temprary administrator username and password to my contact form. Iโ€™ll login and have a look at the current issue you are facing.



    Josef Hordina

    I agree that there is some conflict with theme or plugin.
    But I dissabled all plugins and tag closing still happend.
    My web page / wordpress is completely in czech lenguage, so I thing you would be compleatly lost…
    I will prepare english version of wp and then I make copy of my web.
    I like your interest ๐Ÿ˜ Thank ypu .

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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