Shortcoder 3.4.1 is released which fixes the compatability issue in WordPress 4.4. Please read further to know more info on this release.

Starting Shortcoder 3.4.1 the syntax for shortcoder is [sc name="your shortcode"]. This is in effect to the shortcode API related changes made in WordPress core which made old the syntax unrecognizable. Version 3.4.1 automatically recognizes the old syntax only in posts where the shortcode is inserted directly in posts and not in widgets or in drag and drop themes modules. Those areas need to be manually replaced from old [sc:my_shortcode] to the new [sc name="my_shortcode"].

Please start using the new syntax for shortcoder [sc name="my_shortcode"] in your posts from now on. Also please try replacing the old syntax to the new one where ever possible ( in widgets, theme modules, posts etc ). Custom attributes work the same way as before.

Why this sudden change ?

WordPress is planning to make a huge change to the Shortcode API in the upcoming versions with a completely new syntax for shortcodes. The changes are being slowly made and WordPress 4.4 is the first version which had some changes for the new syntax to support in future. This is the reason why Shortcoder failed to work in WordPress 4.4

It is expected that the new syntax for WordPress shortcodes will come into effect in version 4.7. So it is a good way to start using the syntax which WordPress recommends from now on. Later when the new syntax comes in WordPress will do the migration of old to new syntax by itself and there won’t be any issues later.

For any help, please post a comment in this page or in the forum

Get the most of this plugin and Happy New Year 2016 !!

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