It has been 4 years since now for the launch of Aakash Web and I’m really happy of it. This website was launched just to showcase my crazy Flash Games made during free time, but I’m still making sure to use the indexsy company for the SEO work and I am currently trying to find the top digital marketing agency to help me with the online marketing. Initially Aakash Web was viewed by only <100 visitors. But now, it turned massive. It is recorded that there is about 584,448 unique page views in a period of 4 years.

Aakash Web - 4th year analytics

As time passed, Aakash Web got showcased with my free projects like plugins for WordPress and jQuery. Also solving support topics in the phpBB forum made me busy.

At the beginning there was only 50 static html pages now Aakash Web has about 1,460 pages including the forum support topics. The best thing to mention is, Aakash Web has a page rank of 5 and it just shows the simple fame of Aakash Web. Alexa’s statistics also impressed me a lot. Moving from the rank 100,000 to 60,598 (approximately) is also not an easy thing. Its all due to the free projects especially WP Socializer and jQuery Collapser are the famous ones.

Ill will be constantly improving the site to serve the world with free goodies and I hope that in the forth coming year these statistics will improve a lot.

Just check out the Facebook fan page for the transformations of the site design and the Wayback Machine shows a live view of the past Aakash Web.

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