Email address are frequently used in each and every posts at the bottom or at the top for contacting the post’s author. But those email addresses get spammed more. Replacements like using images instead of directly typing the addresses are also appreciable. But they can be painful inserting the images directly in each and every post.

Also, email addresses get indexed in Google searches. This is sometimes unpreventable. Hence, a very simple method for encoding/Obfuscating email addresses is shown below.

The simple method is to use Shortcoder wordpress plugin. This plugin allows to insert HTML, Javascripts within posts. This plugin is also equipped with several inbuilt shortcodes which allows to do more.

Using this plugin, the method of obfuscating/encoding email addresses can be done. The follow the below steps.

  1. Install Shortcoder plugin *
  2. Activate the plugin through the plugins menu.
  3. After activating, use the code,
    [email]YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS[/email]
  4. Enter the email address to be encoded within the [email][/email] tag and use it anywhere within the document.
  5. On updating you will get an encoded email address within the source, which cannot be spammed or indexed by Google. But works as normal.
  6. Example: [email][email protected][/email] will be encoded into

    you can see the above the code only in the source.

  7. Actually you will get this output when the above code is used (see the source)

You can use this concept without any risk in your blog posts especially in contact pages.

* Note: Inbuilt shortcodes feature was once present but now it is absent or removed from Shortcoder

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