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jQuery Collapser – Docs

jQuery Collapser – Docs

Usage Include jQuery and jQuery collapser in the page. Attach the collapser method to the elements after the DOM is ready to be manipulated. Demo page <script src="jquery.js"></script><script src="jquery.collapser.js"></script> <p class="myElement">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis […]

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  • Collection #3Design news Collection #3

    What’s new for designers, January 2014 * Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects * Checkboxes and radio buttons customization (jQuery and Zepto) plugin * Myth Busting: CSS Animations vs. JavaScript | CSS-Tricks * 3 Meaningful Ways Web Design Will Only Get Better * Top 100 jQuery Plugins of Year 2013 (part 4/5) | jQuery4u

  • Freebies #3Freebies #3

    Free flat round icons set * 48 Free Icons - Get them! * INTRODUCING MY FIRST FONT | COLOURS & BEYOND * Flat Apple Devices MockUp | GraphicBurger

  • Tutorials collection #2Tutorials collection #2

    Make a Picture Voting Game with Node.js (Part 1) | Tutorialzine * How To Create an Easy Abstract Blur Pattern Design * Flexible CSS cover images – Nicolas Gallagher * 35 HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials For Designers | Tutorials | Graphic Design Junction * 8 Best jQuery Tutorials for WordPress Beginners * How to create a slidable grid with jQuery


  • Poll: What is your favorite admin color scheme in WordPress 3.8 ?200 views

    WordPress 3.8 was released yesterday targeting the fancy date 12-12-13 and surprisingly the development was completed in a short timeframe. Though the release was fast, it was packed with several visual changes and performance improvements. Visual changes include new color schemes for the administrator page and it is tweaked to be responsive for mobile devices. […]

  • New features in WordPress 3.8752 views

    WordPress 3.7 was released this October and a new version 3.8 is announced so soon with some visual changes to the update. WordPress 3.7 had some behind the scene performance improvement and automatic update feature but had no visual change. Following are the features noticed in the new beta version. New minimalistic “Flat-UI” admin interface […]

  • Retrieve Twitter followers count without OAuth keys in API v1.13,191 views

    Recently Twitter completely deprecated the version 1 of its REST API. The new API 1.1 requires OAuth credentials to access the data. There is a simple way to access the data without OAuth keys.

  • Base64 Encode for 1x1px Transparent GIF image1,021 views

    Images can be converted to Base64 format and can be used in "data' URI scheme instead. The data URI for white and black 1x1 px images are provided in this article.

  • Add Speech Recognition to input boxes in HTML7,981 views

    Google search text box has a voice recognition feature which is very helpful for inputting long sentences and difficult words. This feature can be brought to normal input text boxes also. But this feature works only in browsers which use the webkit rendering engine (ex: Google Chrome version 11 and above). In order to add […]

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Introducing new category: Web resource collections

I was completely thinking and working for a month to get a best way to list the inspiring design related articles, tutorials and freebies...

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