Create shortcodes for code snippets in WordPress

How to Reuse Code Snippets Easily in WordPress

Do you have HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code snippets that you frequently use on your WordPress website? You may want to paste these code snippets inside posts and widgets. What if you want to change these code snippets in the future? You don’t want to edit each and every ...

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Create a simple RSS feed XML

How to Create a Simple RSS feed

An RSS feed is a simple way to make sure to subscribe to updates on your website. It is an XML file in a specific syntax. Most website and Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, or forum software like phpBB generate this RSS feed. You can locate this RSS ...

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How to Embed Google Maps on your Website

If you have a website, you might want to display/embed Google maps of your address or area. For example on your contacts page or find us page. In this article, let’s briefly see all the methods available to get the embed code for Google maps. Method 1 – From ...

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Creating triangles with CSS

Triangles can be made easily using CSS also without any images. This trick requires only div tags and some CSS works. To get this trick, just use the code below.

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Comparing dates in PHP

PHP’s date function strtotime () solves the problem of comparing dates and to check whether the user entered date/custom date is expired or not. Inorder to check whether, the custom date is expired or not, we need to do the following steps Get today’s date. Get the date to ...

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