Create a simple RSS feed XML

How to Create a Simple RSS feed

An RSS feed is a simple way to make sure to subscribe to updates on your website. It is an XML file in a specific syntax. Most website and Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, or forum software like phpBB generate this RSS feed. You can locate this RSS ...

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How to Embed Google Maps on your Website

If you have a website, you might want to display/embed Google maps of your address or area. For example on your contacts page or find us page. In this article, let’s briefly see all the methods available to get the embed code for Google maps. Method 1 – From ...

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Add Speech Recognition to input boxes in HTML

Google search text box has a voice recognition feature which is very helpful for inputting long sentences and difficult words. This feature can be brought to normal input text boxes also. But this feature works only in browsers which use the webkit rendering engine (ex: Google Chrome version 11 ...

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