Create free user-bar in Aakash Web. This is ultimately free. Create your own userbar with more than 65 backgrounds, 21 logos, 10 shiny effects, 41 stripes and more. Its upto to your creative power.


  1. Adjust the settings of the user bar in "Userbar settings" panel.
  2. Then type your name and user name.
  3. Click "create userbar".
  4. That’s all your userbar is now created.
  5. Save the image as "image-name.jpg"
  6. Please see "Note" before creating the user-bar .

Userbar Generator

Please turn off "Pop-up Blocker" in your web browser mainly in Mozilla Firefox 2+ and Internet Explorer 6+ to get the image. The pop-up is 100% safe and it contains the generated email ID signature. If you still can’t get the image discuss it in Aakash Web Forums