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    I have tried to set CSS in Advanced tab using

    #ufw_1 { top: 50px; }

    It does not move the location of the button or the widget.

    I am also unable to get FontAwesome fonts to appear.

    Hi there,

    Please set the below CSS to move the button slightly down.

    #ufw_1 .ufw_btn{
        top: 60px;

    For the wifi symbol, please set fas fa-wifi as value for the open icon.

    You can find the correct icon class name here –



    I’ve copied exactly that code into the Advanced -> Additional CSS panel, and I’ve changed the FontAwesome to ‘fas fa-wifi’.

    The icon works, but the button is still at the top edge of the screen. Setting it to the bottom moves it to the bottom but I cannot move that location up either.

    I see that the button is moved now.

    Also, if you want a smaller floating widget box, try switching to “popup” mode instead of flyout.


    Justin Cartwright

    Heya, just wondering how you find the button id?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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