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      When I use the ‘auto refresh single page’ plugin for WordPress, the ticker doesnt start automaticly. Is there any solution for that? I want to use the Super RSS reader for a narrowcasting solution on a Samsung Smart TV.

      Also got it tested on an iPad, MacBook and PC. All of those wont start the ticker after a refresh.

      Second question, is it possible to let the ticker restart from beginning without refreshing the page? I dont want to refresh the entire page every 2 minutes due to other widgets that are running video feeds. Now at the ‘end-of-news’ the ticker stops running and keeps displaying the last news items.

      Thanks a lot in advance for any usable answer 😉


      There can be Javascript error in your page. Thats can cause the plugin inactive or any CSS styling rule can block the plugin from its normal working.

      The plugin will work as shown in the demo:

      The second issue is weird. SRR doesn’t do any page refresh for every 2 mins. It can be due to other plugins.

      Thank you.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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