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    Just bought the PRO version of the plugin hopeing that compared to the free version (I’ve been using so far), the following two issues could be resolved – but no luck:
    – Thumbs do not show for website internal feeds, they do show for external feeds though.
    I tried with another RSS feed plugin (the free version of WordPress RSS Feed Retriever from Theme Mason) and with it, any and all thumbs show up correctly. I am on a (not environment with a business plan. Any solution for this?
    – Feeds to not wake up from a sleeping tab but all the other content does wake up.
    I use the latest chromium edge browser. With it, one has the possibility to let unused tabs go into a sleep mode. As soon as I go back to a particual tab which has been sleeping, all content wakes up except the feeds provided by your plugin. Even worse: This sometimes also happens if I just briefly go away from a tab and then return. During this very short time, the tab was not even set to go into sleeping mode (currently set at 5 min.) Any workaround for this?
    Thanks and Cheers,
    You can see internal (Posts and Projects: Thumbs do not show) and external (Books: Thumbs do show) feeds here:

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for using Super RSS Reader and sorry for the late reply.

    1) Regarding the thumbnails not displayed – The plugin picks the thumbnail from the RSS feed if it has one in the order mentioned below.


    • From the feed item’s tag -> thumbnail URL.
    • From the feed item’s tag -> URL.
    • The first image from the feed item’s content.
    • From the feed item’s tag if present.

    Plugin does not know if the RSS feed is a local or external. It displays the thumbnail when it is found. Please do confirm if the RSS feed has thumbnails for the items. You can see if there is any .jpg, .png image for every feed item.

    2) Regarding the issue with tab sleep and ticker not moving, I could not reproduce the issue. May be I didn’t understand the issue. So you have opened multiple tabs of super RSS reader ticker enabled page and when you switch tab the ticker is not moving ?

    Super RSS Reader’s ticker does have the feature to pause ticking when the tab is not active. This is to save CPU cycles which is a common practice.

    If the issue you have observed is something different, please do share more details on how to reproduce the issue I will see if it can be fixed.


    Eric Roth

    Dear Aakash,
    Thanks for digging deeper – a solution was identified and is in the making. Great and immediate support from you, thanks once again. This forum thread closed.
    Cheers, Eric

    Marking this as resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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