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    Is there anyway that you can update the plugin to use the actual URL for location options. I have multiple terms and tax for products – sometimes the banners overlap and I only want one to show. This is after I have put in logic into not have them show on certain terms of post on woocommerce. Sometimes I just want a banner on the product category page only.

    Thanks for any insight.

    Kind regards, Jennifer

    Hi Jennifer,

    As I can understand there are multiple announcements shown on one page though you have created rules to show in specific terms/tax. I think this is expected because the announcements simply honor rules as it is given.

    Can you please share me a example page where multiple announcements are shown and what are the rules assigned to them ? I can suggest some workaround or a different setting. You can also share me a temporary admin credentials to my contact form to check it live if needed –

    Also you want to show the announcement only on “category” list page. To do this you can select “category archive page” and select the name of the category. Same for tags or taxonomy list pages.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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